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Part Number Replace Part Summary Case Pinout

PNP Silicon
2SA1290...1291, 2SB919
2N6314 KT837V
=2SB925, 50V Box 2SB925A Pinout 2SB925A

PNP Silicon
2SB892, 2SB1229, 2SB1433...34
2N6730 2SB736 KT639E
30V, 2A, 0,75W Box 2SB926 Pinout 2SB926

PNP Silicon
2SA1382, 2SB892, 2SB985, 2SB1312
2N6730 2SB736 KT639E
=2SB926, 2,5A, 1W Box 2SB927 Pinout 2SB927

PNP Silicon
2SA1133, 2SB720, 2SB861
2N6422 KT842A
200V, 2A, 30W, 30MHz Box 2SB928A Pinout 2SB928A

PNP Silicon
2SB1266, 2SB1268, 2SB1270, 2SB1449
BD242A 2N6314 KT837V
60V, 3A, 35W, 30MHz Box 2SB929 Pinout 2SB929

PNP Silicon
2SB1270, 2SB1451
BD242B 2N6314 KT837V
=2SB929, 80V Box 2SB929A Pinout 2SB929A

PNP Germanium
AC125...126, AC151, 2SB54, 2SB56
AC125 2N2706 GT115A
30V, 10mA, 0,125W Box 2SB93 Pinout 2SB93

PNP Silicon
2SB1268, 2SB1270, 2SB1449, 2SB1451
BD242A 2N6047 2SA663 KT818G
60V, 4A, 40W, 20MHz Box 2SB930 Pinout 2SB930

PNP Silicon
2SB1270, 2SB1451
BD242B 2N6047 2SA663 KT818G
=2SB930, 80V Box 2SB930A Pinout 2SB930A

PNP Silicon
BD942 2N6422 KT842A
130V, 3A, 30W, 30MHz Box 2SB931 Pinout 2SB931

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