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PNP Silicon
BD376, 2SB1065, 2SB1217
BD178 2N6730 2SB736 KT639E
50V, 2A, 150MHz Box 2SB1075 Pinout 2SB1075

Darlington PNP Silicon
2SB1129, 2SB865
40V, 2A, 1W, 150MHz, B=20000 Box 2SB1076(M) Pinout 2SB1076(M)

Darlington PNP Silicon
BD716, BDW24A, BDW54A, 2SB751
BD716 2N6297 KT709A2
60V, 4A, 40W, B>1000 Box 2SB1077 Pinout 2SB1077

Darlington PNP Silicon
BD652, BDT20, BDW74D, BDX54D
2N6297 KT709A2
120V, 8A, 40W, B>1000 Box 2SB1078 Pinout 2SB1078

Darlington PNP Silicon + Diode
BDX68B 2N6287 2SB550 KT825G
100V, 20A, 100W, B>1000 Box 2SB1079 Pinout 2SB1079

PNP Germanium
AD166, 2N2137, 2N2142
AD166 2N2142 P215
=2SB107, 60V Box 2SB107A Pinout 2SB107A

PNP Germanium
2SB493, AD162
AD162 2N2835 2SB81 GT403J
40V, 0,5A, 0,5W Box 2SB108 Pinout 2SB108

PNP Silicon
BD508, BD516, BD526, BD814
BD508 2N4900 2SA699 KT814G
35V, 2A, 10W Box 2SB1080 Pinout 2SB1080

PNP Silicon
BD940, 2SA985(A), 2SA1078, 2SA1393
BD940 2N5415S 2SA698 KT505A
120V, 1,5A, 20W, 50MHz Box 2SB1085 Pinout 2SB1085

PNP Silicon
2SA968(A,B), 2SB628(A), 2SA1011, 2SA1332
BD940 2N6422 KT842A
=2SB1085, 160V Box 2SB1085A Pinout 2SB1085A

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