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Part Number Replace Part Summary Case Pinout

MOS FET Channel N
2SK1213, 2SK1403
=SGSP 368, 125W Box SGSP468 Pinout SGSP468

MOS FET Channel N
2SK1213, 2SK1403
=SGSP 369, 125W Box SGSP469 Pinout SGSP469

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ341, BUZ349, 2SK850...51, 2SK1433
100V, 30A, 150W, <75mOhm(15A) Box SGSP471 Pinout SGSP471

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ341, BUZ349, 2SK850...51, 2SK1433
80V, 35A, 150W, <50mOhm(17,5A) Box SGSP472 Pinout SGSP472

MOS FET Channel N
2SK901, 2SK944, 2SK1491, 2SK1641
250V, 20A, 150W, <0,22Ohm(10A) Box SGSP473 Pinout SGSP473

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ339, 2SK557, 2SK642, 2SK644, 2SK724
450V, 9A, 150W, <0,7Ohm(4,5A) Box SGSP474 Pinout SGSP474

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ325...326, 2SK634, 2SK896, 2SK1488
=SGSP 474, 400V, <0,55Ohm(5A) Box SGSP475 Pinout SGSP475

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ323, 2SK788, 2SK899, 2SK1608
=SGSP 474, 350V, 12A, <0,55Ohm(6A) Box SGSP476 Pinout SGSP476

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ350, 2SK623, 2SK901, 2SK944
200V, 20A, 150W, <0,17Ohm(10A) Box SGSP477 Pinout SGSP477

MOS FET Channel N
BUZ334, 2SK1723, 2SK1968
=SGSP 479, 550, <1,2Ohm(5A) Box SGSP478 Pinout SGSP478

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