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Part Number Replace Part Summary Case Pinout

NPN Silicon
BD239C, BD241C, BD937, 2SD712
=TIP 61, 80V Box TIP61C Pinout TIP61C

PNP Silicon
BD240, BD242, BD534, BD934
40V, 0,5A, 15W(Tc=100°), >3MHz Box TIP62 Pinout TIP62

Darlington NPN Silicon + Diode
BDX63, BDX85A, TIP 140, 2SD1170
60V, 5A, 65W, B>1000 Box TIP620 Pinout TIP620

Darlington NPN Silicon + Diode
BDX63A, BDX85B, TIP 141, 2SD1170
=TIP 620, 80V Box TIP621 Pinout TIP621

Darlington NPN Silicon + Diode
BDX63B, BDX85C, TIP 142, 2SD1170
=TIP 620, 100V Box TIP622 Pinout TIP622

Darlington PNP Silicon + Diode
BDX62, BDX86A, TIP 145, 2SB897
60V, 5A, 65W, B>1000 Box TIP625 Pinout TIP625

Darlington PNP Silicon + Diode
BDX62A, BDX86B, TIP 146, 2SB897
=TIP 625, 80V Box TIP626 Pinout TIP626

Darlington PNP Silicon + Diode
BDX62B, BDX86C, TIP 147, 2SB897
=TIP 625, 100V Box TIP627 Pinout TIP627

PNP Silicon
BD240A, BD242A, BD536, BD936
=TIP 62, 60V Box TIP62A Pinout TIP62A

PNP Silicon
BD240B, BD242B, BD538, BD938
=TIP 62, 80V Box TIP62B Pinout TIP62B

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