28PW9536 05 Brand, Model, Chassis

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28PW9536 05

Model to Chassis 28PW9536 05

Brand Model Chassis
Philips 28PW9536/05R MG7.1E AA
Philips 28PW9536/12 MG7.1E AA
Philips 28PW9536/05 MG7.1E AA
Philips 28PW9536/19 MG7.1E AA
Philips 28PW9536/12R MG7.1E AA
Philips 28PW9536 MG7.1E
Noblex 32X50005 RSAG7.820.6654
Sony KDL-32W605D GN2S
Sony KD-55SD8505 GN2SK-QM
Sony KD-65SD8505 GN2SK-QM
Sony XD-75XD9405 GN2SK-QF
Sony XD-65XD9305 GN2SK-QF
Sony XD-55XD9305 GN2SK-QF
Philco TV-377-2 B805
Sony KD-65X705G GN5UN
Sony KD-55X705G GN5UN
Sony KD-49X705G GN5UN
Sony KD-43X705G GN5UN
Sony XBR-49X805G GN5TR-SN
Sony XBR-55X805G GN5TR-SN

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

Title Description Download
Yamaha DGX305 DGX505 Service Manual Yamaha DGX3<span class="red">05</span> DGX5<span class="red">05</span>
TONBRAS Imperial serie 60509-23 TONBRAS Imperial serie 6<span class="red">05</span>09-23
LG 32LF5610A-ZA 32LF561V-ZF Chassis LD55T LG 32LF5610A-ZA 32LF561V-ZF CHASSIS LD55T MFL68646105 1503-REV00 Service manual LG 32LF5610A-ZA 32LF561V-ZF Chassis LD55T
Hisense RSAG7.820.10588 Chassis NT72671 LCT Television Service Manual Hisense RSAG7.820.1<span class="red">05</span>88 Chassis NT72671
Onkyo HT-R494 Av Receiver service manual HT-S5800 → SKR-594, SKF-594, SKW-593 HT-S5805 → SKR-594, SKF-594, SKW-658 Onkyo HT-R494
Haier LE22B600 DH1F21M0502 Haier LE22B600 DH1F21M<span class="red">05</span>02
Haier 40D3505 DH1TK3M0101 Haier 40D35<span class="red">05</span> DH1TK3M0101
Haier 40D3505 DH1U70D0J00 Haier 40D35<span class="red">05</span> DH1U70D0J00
Haier 40D3505 DH1TK3M0102 Haier 40D35<span class="red">05</span> DH1TK3M0102
Haier L32B6A-A1 L37A6A-A1 DC0PV000005 Haier L32B6A-A1 L37A6A-A1 DC0PV0000<span class="red">05</span>
Haier 55E3500 DH1TKJM0105 Haier 55E3500 DH1TKJM01<span class="red">05</span>
Haier 48DR3505 DH1TKBM0102 Haier 48DR35<span class="red">05</span> DH1TKBM0102
Haier 29FV6H DA0Q80E0500 Haier 29FV6H DA0Q80E<span class="red">05</span>00
Haier LE22T1000F DH1Q00M0501 Haier LE22T1000F DH1Q00M<span class="red">05</span>01
Haier 40D3505 DH1TK3M0103 Haier 40D35<span class="red">05</span> DH1TK3M0103
Haier 55DR3505 DH1TKCM0101 Haier 55DR35<span class="red">05</span> DH1TKCM0101
Haier 40D3505 DH1TK3M0100 Haier 40D35<span class="red">05</span> DH1TK3M0100
Haier 32D3005 DH1TKPM0007 Haier 32D30<span class="red">05</span> DH1TKPM0007
Haier DLE32C8H DH1R20M0500 Haier DLE32C8H DH1R20M<span class="red">05</span>00
Haier 40D3505T DH1U70Z0N00 Haier 40D35<span class="red">05</span>T DH1U70Z0N00