32PFL3046 T3 Brand, Model, Chassis

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32PFL3046 T3

Model to Chassis 32PFL3046 T3

Brand Model Chassis
Philips 32PFL3046/T3 TP.VST59S.P89
TCL 28T3510 MT31-AP
TCL 24D2710 MT31BP-AP
TCL 20D2710 MT31BP-AP
TCL 19T3510 MS82H-AP
Philips 43PUD7406/43 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 75PUG7906/78 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 70PUG7406/78 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 75PUD7906/44 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 70PUD7406/44 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 75PUD7906/43 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 65PUG7406/78 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 70PUG7906/78 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 65PUD7406/44 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 70PUD7906/77 TPM21.5L T32+NT333
Philips 65PUD7406/43 TPM21.5L T32+NT333

Schematics and Service Manual in Download Area

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Haier L39B2180a Chassis MST318 Service Manual Haier L39B2180a Chassis MS<span class="red">T3</span>18
Haier LD42W1 Chassis MST3553 Service Manual Haier LD42W1 Chassis MS<span class="red">T3</span>553
CHINA 01-MT3601-MAB4XG Schematic Diagram CHINA 01-M<span class="red">T3</span>601-MAB4XG
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CROWN ALED3218/14P Eeprom retirada de uma TCON T320XVN02.9 CTRL BD 32T24-C0A a trabalhar a 100% CROWN ALED3218/14P
TCL L40S4600 Chassis MT31SR-RU Repair Info - Schematics TCL L40S4600 Chassis M<span class="red">T3</span>1SR-RU
Philips 32PAL5358/T3 V59+HI3716CV200 Service Manual Philips 32PAL5358/<span class="red">T3</span> V59+HI3716CV200
Philips 55PAL5558/T3 V59+HI3716CV200 Service Manual Philips 55PAL5558/<span class="red">T3</span> V59+HI3716CV200
Philips 48PAL5558/T3 V59+HI3716CV200 Service Manual Philips 48PAL5558/<span class="red">T3</span> V59+HI3716CV200
Philips 40PAL5358/T3 V59+HI3716CV200 Service Manual Philips 40PAL5358/<span class="red">T3</span> V59+HI3716CV200
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TCL 24D2700 Chassis MT31BP-AP Repair Schematics TCL 24D2700 Chassis M<span class="red">T3</span>1BP-AP
TCL 20D2710 Chassis MT31BP-AP Repair Schematics TCL 20D2710 Chassis M<span class="red">T3</span>1BP-AP
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