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Grundig 43VLE5620 BN Chassis G5
Grundig G5-Chassis. 32 VLE 5620 BN43 VLE 5620 BN 49 VLE 5620 BN
Grundig <span class="red">43VLE5620</span> <span class="red">BN</span> Chassis G5
BN44-00868B L55PFN-KDY
Components. No schematic.
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00868B L55PFN-KDY
T-CON BN07-00650A T400XW01-V7
Repair diagrams
T-CON <span class="red">BN</span>07-00650A T400XW01-V7
T-CON Samsung BN98-03131A
Repair diagrams
T-CON Samsung <span class="red">BN</span>98-03131A
Samsung UN60J6200 BN44-00775A Fast Track
Fast Track Troubleshooting Manual Rev 6/29/15cr
Samsung UN60J6200 <span class="red">BN</span>44-00775A Fast Track
AOC L32BN83, L42BN83F, L47BN83F
Repair Manual
AOC L32<span class="red">BN</span>83, L42<span class="red">BN</span>83F, L47<span class="red">BN</span>83F
AOC L22BN80, L22BN81, L22BN83
Repair Manual
AOC L22<span class="red">BN</span>80, L22<span class="red">BN</span>81, L22<span class="red">BN</span>83
Repair Manual
AOC L32<span class="red">BN</span>86A
FSP050-1PI04 BN44-00305A
Repair Schematics
FSP050-1PI04 <span class="red">BN</span>44-00305A
PFC control IC FA1A60N LLC current resonant control IC FA6B20N Power supply design example: 180W
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00947a
BN40-00666E Modification
Modificação do circuito backlight para evitar excesso de aquecimento
<span class="red">BN</span>40-00666E Modification
Samsung BN44-00056A
Power Supply
Samsung <span class="red">BN</span>44-00056A
Samsung BN44-00229D, BN44-00235A, PSPF251502A, LJ44-00229D
Repair Diagrams
Samsung <span class="red">BN</span>44-00229D, <span class="red">BN</span>44-00235A, PSPF251502A, LJ44-00229D
LRT BN6100 RS inductance meter
Repair guides and schematics
LRT <span class="red">BN</span>6100 RS inductance meter
Samsung BN41-01165B, BN94-02666
Samsung BN41-01165B main schematic. N65A Chassis
Samsung <span class="red">BN</span>41-01165B,  <span class="red">BN</span>94-02666
BN44-00641A L85D2LA-DSM PSLF671F05A
Component Identification. Part list only, no schematics.
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00641A L85D2LA-DSM PSLF671F05A
BN44-00635A L46U2P-DSM PSLF201UO5A
Component Identification. Part list only, no schematics.
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00635A L46U2P-DSM PSLF201UO5A
BN44-00386A IP-20155B
Part List. Component identifier.
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00386A IP-20155B
BN44-00932F L65E6A-NHS
Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00932F L65E6A-NHS
BN44-00852G L48MSFNR-MDY
Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00852G L48MSFNR-MDY
BN44-00947J L43E7-RSM
Part List. Component identifier. No Schematics
<span class="red">BN</span>44-00947J L43E7-RSM