Power Supply

There are many types of power supplies.
Most are designed to convert AC line supply to an appropriate value for low-voltage circuits and other electronic devices, maintain and stabilize DC output. Power Supply, supplies electric power to an electrical load.
Common attributes:

  • How stable is voltage and current output under in and load conditions;
  • How many time work without "refueling" or "recharching" (when use portable energy sources);
  • How many current and voltage can supply to its load. 

All PS obtain energy from a source which supply to load and, all consume some amount of energy to work.
Depending of its type, a power supply obtain energy from:

  • Solar power;
  • Generators and alternators (electromechanical systems);
  • Batteries and Fuel Cells (energy storage);
  • Electrical energy transmission systems, a common example, AC line voltage to DC voltage.

Some Power Supplies Diagrams:

Power Supply 9 Volt 2 Amp

Power Supply 12V DC 9V 2A

12 Volt DC Power Supply

Power Supply 12V DC

12 Volt DC 30 Amp Power Supply

12 Volt DC 30 Amp Power Supply

13 Volt 20 Amp PS

13 Volt 20 Amp DC Supply

Symmetrical Power supply 15 Volt

DC PS 15V - 15V

Power supply voltage variable with L200

L200 variable power supply

Power supply 12V (switched) 2A

switched 12v PS



Adjustable PS with LM338

regulated ps 1V to 32V

The adjustment is given by the multi-turn potentiometer 5K, the voltimeter LCD (200V) and amperimeter LCD (200mV) require external power, 9V batteries can be used.

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