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Beko 12220TDead psuC110 defective in psu 47uF, 25V - Resevoir cap for ic
Beko PT92 E/W failureReplace CD22 470nF and TV06 BD680
Beko PT92 High voltage for 5 secs. then goes into protection modeReplace RV38 2R2 and DD07 BY228. Check CD22 470nF if o/c
Beko 30328TWhite line down centre of screen top to bottom}Replace C805
Beko 12,8Red or Green or Blue screenCheck and replace on crt module : D702, D703, D704 all 1N4148 replace with type 1N4948T
Beko 12,8No audioCheck and replace ic101 with STV2246C and check and replace c135 100uF, 16V replace it with a 220uF, 50V. Also check and replace C308 470uF, 16V replace it with a 470uF, 50V
Beko 12,8The +Ub voltage +118V was not present, fault in switching power supplyTransistor T901 SK2545 or P3NB60FP had failed. Replace it and check C908 22uF, 35V replace it with 22uF, 50V. Also C912 1uF, 25V replace it with 1uF, 50V and D906 1N4148 always replace it with 1N4948T
Beko 14,2The +Ub voltage +140V was not present, fault in switching power supplyTransistor T601 SK2545 had failed, replace/check resistor R602 1Meg ohm in switch control circuit, also if T601 is s/c the control chip TDA16846 will also be damaged
BekoVariousField top foldover220R res over scan coils o/c
BekoVariousField collapseCheck R717 & R722 for o/c
BekoNR303281Tripping - s/c across LOPC807 (470pF 2kV) adj to lopt s/c.
BekoNR30328Dead 1.6A fuse shatteredDead s/c on chopper caused by s/c chopper tfmr
BekoNR30128TDeadLOPTx commonly goes faulty - SEME LOPTX35228P & R118 10k 1/2w burns out
BekoNR28416NDSDead with LOPTx insulation breakdownLOPTx Pt no 058834-TR2
BekoNR28416NDSDead aft thunderstormIC601 (MC44608P40), T601 (2SK2545) R606/607 (0.47R, 1/2W) in psu replaced