HITACHI Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Philco Hitachi3in1 PCS32Dead, noisyC206 (0.22 mF)
Hitachi C2117TGoes straight to standby, after a quick burst of powerReplaced R952 39K, had gone slightly high
Hitachi C2566Severe field cramp at bottom of the picture, but very stretched picture at the topC608 4.7uF, 63v. in field stage o/c
Hitachi VT530E etcPlayback picture freezes repeatedly when warm / capstan motor overhaulThis symptom is usually due to contamination of the capstan motor bearing which can in turn lead to overheating of the drive chip, the problem can often be remedied by dismantalling the motor and thoroughly cleaning the bearing then lightly lubricating with a suitable light oil before reassembly
Hitachi C2558TN G8Q The H.T wouldn't vary at all, even though it was actually at the correct level 157VZD941 BZV10 was found to be o/c. It's a 6.5V zener diode and not as i had assumed by the numbering on it a 10V. ZD941 and the H.T pot VR941 are located next to the optocoupler
Hitachi C2558TN G8Q This set would not switch automatically into A/V mode when a video or any other equipment was connected via the scartThe set could manually be placed into A/V from the tv's front end controls. The cure was to replace ZD301 ZTE251. I assumed it was a 2V but as i had none in stock i tried a 2.7V zener which worked perfectly. It's located near the scart socket
Hitachi C32FW523NA A8 No or very dull picture with osd and text just visible, A1 control makes little difference, looks like poor crt18v zener diode Z703 s/c located near lopt, it is part of the acl beam current limiter
Hitachi C32FW523NA A8 Procedure to enter service modeSwitch tv on then press menu then press vol up and vol down on the front of the set simultaneously and hold until menu appears
Hitachi C2119E Issue9 No sound control, procedure to exit factory preset modeHold 'VOL+ and 'VOL- buttons whilst switching on
Hitachi C2546TNProdedure to remove `C46TN` from screenPress the 2 VCR buttons together, the menu will appear, then switch to standby mode, turn appliance back on and prompt should have disappeared. When tv is turned on it will ask you to search for a channel, select this and then cancel
Hitachi C2864TNPsu in slow trip. 630mA fuse on E/W panel blownTop E/W diode leaky D704 BY228
Hitachi C28WS10TNPoor starting, some times comes on then cuts out with LED going outDry joints along centre heatsink where the three ICs are mounted, reflow solder on ICs and then check HT 160 Volts
Hitachi C1709TDead H.T high and trippingReplace ZD903 and R909 39K also check ZD901 2.7v for s/c
Hitachi CPT1446R NP84CQ H.T fluctuations, picture becomes half white and half black. H.T varies from about 80V to 110VReplace ZD902. It's a 10V zener diode
Hitachi C32WD2TN2 A7 Volume goes to maximum when volume plus or minus selectedReplace R039 10k pull up resistor for micro switches, gone slightly low value