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PhilcoVK7 -P4H10has no audio in EE in play passes tape intermittently cutting the image.- Because, IC Switch AU / external VI, LA 7151 -. IC 4201. Note was a weariness to discover the villain.
PhilcoPC 2027 UMakes a buzz and does not workChanging the electrolytic capacitor 4.7 x 250 which is in the area of ​​fly back
PhilcoVAP-2400 / U-STNo Luminance. Brightness and sub-brightness does not work.Change Q808 kinescope board.
Philcopc 2046tv with white screen with lines in horizintal off.lack 180V in resistior tubotrocar the plate 4R7 in the output of 180V Flayback
PhilcoPCM 2043flashes the LED and the screen, only with sprinkleschange the C 721
PhilcoPCM2046DeadThe game was kind of source low, around 6-7 V - changed the TDA 8361 and blz - worked but hung up when changing channels - cause - D302 in the line of GLA in short half - 1n4531 - can by 1N4148 same!
PhilcoPC-1615without black and white colorC-515 47 nf
PhilcoPC-1405Poor HeightC607 and C 609
PhilcoPB17A2image with lateral distortionR 905 22k
PhilcoPC-2004 PC-1401not tune channelsresistor 22K amended metal film
PhilcoPC-2004 PC-1401Source does not move10k resistor metal film
PhilcoPCM 1444Run 5 minutes and then toR-716 100K Changed
PhilcoPCM 1444Micro latch and is sobbing tv, tv is emitting flashes on the screenR713 100K 1% open dry C-715
Philco20R38No OffR-723 Open
Philco1443It has all the tensions will not turn overMicro clock crystal