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Rca CTC166/167Audio, no videoChange Capacitors C4501 and C4502, in the vertical section
Rca VariousAfter presing play picture appears but looks like in pause modeClean and lubricate the capstan flywheel
Rca VJM2022T CTC 121D Will not shut offSCR 100 leaky
Rca F35670MB CTC187CN3 Dead. F4001 5 amp fuse openCheck U4101 STK730-150 Part no. 223948, Check CR4106 for short, Check Q4401 for short, replace all shorted or open parts, Check the two main filter caps on the secondary off of SMPS, replace vented caps, Replace 10uf 200v cap off of reg.
Rca F35670MB CTC187CN3 Common problem bulletin:Resolder ALL ground connections in and around, and under the tuner shields, solves most problems, prevents big problems as in dead EEPROM or CPU
RCA CTC177AF3 Overloaded picture, AGC not adjustableFound IC7301 CXA1594 bad. Replace ic and align tuner parameters
Rca F27442 CTC203AD5 No power, all standby voltages okReplace the guide plus. is located to the side of the tuner
Rca F19220BK CTC175L2 Erratic screen / intermittent, eprom causes multiple possible symptoms, clicks on/off, tuner, you name it !Mass defect caused by bad solder in tuner, once fixed will probably last forever. Resolder tuner wrap-around groundings and all pins under tuner shield bottom, if no success suspect a corrupted eprom
Rca F27442 CTC203AD5 No picture and sound, only a high pitch sound at switch onRemove horizontal transistor and measure the resistance across any two pins. This value should be no less than 200ohms
RCARBA2150 RBA2020TX91REPLACE FLY BACK – CHASSIS TX91Procedure - In fly back replace check capacitors: CL02 / CL04 / CL18. for LG(154-387B): CL02 - 470pF X 2kV CL04 - 4,3nF X 1,6kV CL18 - 470pF X 2kV For: Fly Back Samsung (FCV-2010E10A): CL02 - 220pF X 2kV CL04 - 6nF X 1,6kV CL18 - 220pF X 2Kv
RCARBA2150TX91Lost Audio or out of frequency1. Replace memory CI, position U3201, 24C02 or 24C04, factory PN 040360404 2. Insert not included components in factory: CAPACITOR 47uF 25V, position CR29, code 231470411 RESISTOR SMD 4K7, position CR29, code 182547232
RCARBA29551 / RBA33694CTC184No Image, audio OK Memory data loss.Push RESET remote button.