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Hitachi C2546TNProdedure to remove `C46TN` from screenPress the 2 VCR buttons together, the menu will appear, then switch to standby mode, turn appliance back on and prompt should have disappeared. When tv is turned on it will ask you to search for a channel, select this and then cancel
Hitachi C2846TN / C2546TNField collapse horizontal white line on screenR710 dry joints. Same as C2146TN & C2546TN problem solved with thanks to Mike G & Barty. Power off/unplug. Get to circuit board underside with aerial socket up-R710 is near top and right of centre-cluster of 4 joints best resoldered
HitachiC2546TNTripping Check R950 68k, R951 12k, R952 82k 1/2w & check for dry joints
HitachiC2546TNStuck in st/by prot cct in operation12v supply low - ZD952 11v zener leaky
HitachiC2546TNSt/by onlyDrys on all regulators check frame ic replace 68k feed to ht pot and check the 12k next to it replace ht pot set ht to 152 volts and dry on R791
HitachiC2546TNSt/by LED lit - HT to LOP stage but no line driveDry joints Q950 reg (under plastic support)
HitachiC2546TNReverts to st/by aft a sec with "growling"Scan coils duff
HitachiC2546TNRed cast to pic when col control increasedIC501 TDA4665 dig delay line chip
HitachiC2546TNNo soundMemory chip replaced
HitachiC2546TNInt reverts to st/byDry joint on R956 to left of reg & check reg joints
HitachiC2546TNInt operation then deadCheck dry joints IC950, IC951, IC952 & if still faulty replace IC950
HitachiC2546TNInt excess width - provoked by tappingQ752 BC558B breaking down
HitachiC2546TNInt cuts outDry joints IC951 8v reg LM7808
HitachiC2546TNInt buzz esp at sw onL901 mains I/p filter choke