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Hitachi C2558TN G8Q The H.T wouldn't vary at all, even though it was actually at the correct level 157VZD941 BZV10 was found to be o/c. It's a 6.5V zener diode and not as i had assumed by the numbering on it a 10V. ZD941 and the H.T pot VR941 are located next to the optocoupler
Hitachi C2558TN G8Q This set would not switch automatically into A/V mode when a video or any other equipment was connected via the scartThe set could manually be placed into A/V from the tv's front end controls. The cure was to replace ZD301 ZTE251. I assumed it was a 2V but as i had none in stock i tried a 2.7V zener which worked perfectly. It's located near the scart socket