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Hitachi C2864TNPsu in slow trip. 630mA fuse on E/W panel blownTop E/W diode leaky D704 BY228
HitachiC2864TNZSlow or no start upC909 470µ 25v
HitachiC2864TNXDead aft EHT rustle & led single blink at sw onHT checked on dummy load at 170v (149v). Int set HT pot VR930; R509 1R 1/2w safety res by LOPTx o/c; IC800 RGB o/p chip & C821 4µ7 250v faulty also.
HitachiC2864TNSlow tripping/partial field coll/blank raster/no soundR609 1R fusible o/c - also replaced TDA8178 Field o/p IC as a precaution
HitachiC2864TNElectronic screwdriver set up Hold the vol + and - buttons and switch on. The set will come up with Factory 05 on screen. On the handset press the two rec keys twice(linked by white line) The set will display the tube menu. The top coloured adjustments correspond to the top coloured keys on the handset , the bottom coloured adjustments correspond to the bottom coloured keys. Push the coloured key on the hand set corresponding to the adjustment, ie VA for vertical Amplitude. VA will be high lit. Now pressing the Vol+ or - on the handset will adjust the value. To store the settings , press diamond shaped key (store) and put set into standby to exit service mode. You do not need to store each adjustment, you can adjust them all and store them once at the end. It is a good idea to jot down all the numerical values for all the adjustments first, so if you make a mess you can put the adjustments back to their original settings.