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Daewoo CP775 Dead - faint ticking from PSULOPTx faulty - check Q401 D18809a4 aka 2SD1880 for s/c and D406 for s/c
DaewooCP775Various faults on chan change; eg E-W, blank raster, snow or st/bydata line down to 4V (must be 5V) - D708 5.6V zener is leaky Also replace D709 5.6V zener to be on the safe side.
DaewooCP775Txt lines on bottom 1/3 pic with Sat & VCRTDA8351 FOP chip
DaewooCP775Service remote substituteCan use universal from TopTel4 or Gumbody 4 code = 244 for serv rem R30SVC
DaewooCP775Pic slow to come on - sound okReplace TDA8375A jungle chip
DaewooCP775No signals - fault in tuner. replace 4-legged device ( dual gate FET SMD transistor marked MOs ) inside the tuner near aerial input. I used generic BF998 marked Mop
DaewooCP775NICAM craclesreplaced SAWF for analogue type to prevent operation - bodge!
DaewooCP775Dead with psu running No or low line drive at base Q402 line dr - check Trs Q405 2SA854 & Q406 2SC945 for leak
DaewooCP775Dead - lop tr Q401 2SD1880 s/cC416 blue disc cap 680pf 2kv s/c. D503 1N4148 s/c; RC527 10R chip res; R503 10k; R409 4k7 were cause of problem