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Goodmans W322NS
Procedure to enter sevice modeSwitch off tv, hold in VOL+ button on tv and STANDBY button on remote, switch back on at mains switch then release buttons, set will then come on in service mode.Adjust with PROG. + - and VOL + - store with yellow button
GoodmansW322Ns F19
Dead with regular ticking from psuDry joints C68, 69 & 70, D24 BY288 s/c, C69 22nF low cap & BU508D faulty tho' checked ok
GoodmansW322Ns F19
Dead apart from tripping PSULOPTr s/c which blew when replaced - 15nF 2kv flyback tuning cap never been soldered in properly
Tripping - LOPTr s/cCaused by 15nF 2kv flyback cap never being soldered