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Philips20GB 120A / 78Stand-by LED is illuminated when it reacts remote triggers flashing and getting back on. Normal voltage + B.Replace fly back
Philipsvr799not start, so the clock appears, and a trace on the side, in this key lockensure the power key for 10 sec, the remote
PhilcoPC 2027 UMakes a buzz and does not workChanging the electrolytic capacitor 4.7 x 250 which is in the area of ​​fly back
MitsubishiTC 2090muted.exchanged audio coil, all ok.
SharpC 2025Adead.Traded C 626, R 618, R 619, worked but the image was bending, left and right and were also exchanged the C 710 capacitors, C 721, Cap 450V 22mf replaced by 10mf 350V, 400V Cap 10mf subst for 250V 100mf all OK!
PhilcoVAP-2400 / U-STNo Luminance. Brightness and sub-brightness does not work.Change Q808 kinescope board.
CCE1492sometimes not startexchange all around the cond.da str, or see quebrdo pin regulator 7809, or tr + vcc the tda8374 or 8363
Philcopc 2046tv with white screen with lines in horizintal off.lack 180V in resistior tubotrocar the plate 4R7 in the output of 180V Flayback
PhilcoPCM 2043flashes the LED and the screen, only with sprinkleschange the C 721
Sanyo3781Pdoes not turn on, the normal primary sourceD 316, open
Sanyo3781Pdoes not turn on, the normal primary source
Philips20ct6055Just drizzler103
CCEhps2004Reduced screenAlmost always caused by Q501Ligado on pin 35 of Ic503
ToshibaVAS 2080Vertical closedMissing + B voltage on pin 6 CIQ303, C323 with fulga, Q501 pifado, trimpot R35 open, or yock defective