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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Toshibatv2987accidental change of stby mode in service modestby open the circuit and enter the service mode and reconfigure the address of the EEPROM with the help of the Service Manual
Panasonictc 29 v 50Bwith sound and no picture.friend make sure you have a transistor sink without this tv if you have it and the cause of this defect.
Toshibatv 2996stv with noise on speaker, delay on start.replace flyback
SamsungCN3383VNo power, capacitor energized R803 resistor 270K.
MitsubishiTC2098Poor wide, with crackling in the tubeC555, C556 leaking.
PhilcoPCM2046DeadThe game was kind of source low, around 6-7 V - changed the TDA 8361 and blz - worked but hung up when changing channels - cause - D302 in the line of GLA in short half - 1n4531 - can by 1N4148 same!
Panasonictc20a10Not Work24 volt zener on in photo-coupler in the scheme ta ... right under the source circuit ....!
PanasonicTC20A10NOT WORK!30V zener diode in short supply - will connected with the photocoupler.
Toshiba1470Ewithout tension + bD821 it wont be short, he is the source.
Toshiba1470E+ B to 65V or so.D811 with fuga.obs``esta tip serves to TV in 2070 as well.
Toshiba1470Ewith B + and does not work.D826 air that kills the 9v
Toshiba1470Ewith B + and does not work.
Philips20glNow connected either did not care.replace the flyback and fly winding horizontal.Causa output shorted broke the horizontal output.
PhilcoPC-1615without black and white colorC-515 47 nf
PhilcoPC-1405Poor HeightC607 and C 609