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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
SamsungCLV495Without width adjustmentCheck Q403, Q404, C425
SamsungCLV495Dead contrast adjustmentCheck Q187, R198, VR191, Q186, C189, D190
SamsungCLV495Dead brightness adjustment in VR501Check VR501, VR101, R507, Q501, D501, D502, C501, C503, R501
SamsungCLV495No power, fuse F601 OKCheck R602, R603, R604, D606, IC601, R606, C616, VR601, D607
SamsungCLV495No power, open fuse F601Check d601-D604, C613, IC601
SamsungCLV495Vertical lineCheck C423, C424
SamsungCLV495Horizontal lineCheck IC301
SamsungCLV495Bad image at the top and bottomCheck C311, C322, C309, C310, C313
SamsungCLV495Picture scrolls up or downCheck C317, Q306, Q307, D305-D307
SamsungCLV495Bad timeCheck R308, R309, VR302, Q303, IC301
SamsungCBQ4147Transistor output horizontal burning after exchangeCheck Q408. If OK, C422 and C418 exchange
SamsungCBQ4147No picture, high voltage OK, 0 V in G2Change C117 or check SG101
SamsungCBQ4147No width controlD407 (UF5404)
SamsungCBQ4147Excessive WidthD407 (UF5484)
SamsungCBQ4147Image with red linesCheck R108r (R108g is green, R108b is blue).