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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Samsung551SNo picture, fuse OK, noiseD606 and IC601
Samsung450bShaky image at the bottomC419
Samsung450bImage clearing up completely whiteCold welding in the ABL circuit
Proview998MDead SourceCI UC3842AN
Philips7CM5279Clear screen with lines retraceR3570 (R 0.68)
Philips4CM5299Ok image at 640x480 but moves p / right 800x600Change C2505 3.3 uF for 4.7 uf. Located on pin 10 of IC7502 (HEF4538 detector mode)
Philips4CM5299Very large imageCheck BD677
Philips3CM9609InoperativeR3121 (W 1 K 270)
Philips201B10No sync horiz in exchange for resolutionC2431 (150 nF 63V)
LGStudioWorks 55iRed imageWelding cold on the video board
LGStudioWorks 440siDead, blinking ledsFlyback
LG1470No picture after switching flyback. High voltage OKCheck C723, R742, R723 and Q711
LG1470Dead. Green LED lightsFlyback
LG1470Dead. Flyback and three horiz output OKCheck R912 and R913
LG1470Very large imageCheck Q709 and D708