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MakeModel Ch.SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Panasonic TX-32PK3
Reverting to standby at switch onReplace C454 22nF surface mounted component. It is also worth examining the line output and power supply areas for poorly soldered joints
Jvc HRJ610
DeadTransistor Q31 in PSU leaky
Beko PT92
E/W failureReplace CD22 470nF and TV06 BD680
Beko PT92
High voltage for 5 secs. then goes into protection modeReplace RV38 2R2 and DD07 BY228. Check CD22 470nF if o/c
Toshiba 2577B
White horizontal line Frame collapseDry joint on TA8427K, Frame IC
Amstrad DD8901 47014601
Deck stops after a couple of secsSuspect the reel sensor Pt no. 250827
Philips 20GR1250/52R GR1-AX
Tv turns on automatically. Power supply works well, +5V present but seems that CPU 7700 does not no standby mode, no remote or control on the front of the setAfter replacing CPU TMP47C434 and crystal 1770 4.0MHz both control worked intermittently. Replacing transistor 7674 BC548 solved the problem
Nordmende SC63SF ICC9
OSD appears as one big horizontal line with wrong colours and noise looks like no hor. sync. Teletext is okReplace proc. IR01 ST9293 which contains the OSD functions. expensive IC
Samsung CB7230WT
High pitch frequency squeal from transformerFix, by replacing the main transformer which costs up to $350 Australian Dollars or doing it the cheaper way covering the capacitors around the Transformer in glue as they cause frequency to run through to the main transformer which make this noise
Telefunken TX92F
Dark pictureReplace RL03
Beko 30328T
White line down centre of screen top to bottom}Replace C805
Philips 28ST2781 GR2.2 AA
Dead, psu tickingFlyback cap 11nF, 1600V was burned which caused the BU508AF flyback transistor to fail. Changed both
Nokia SP71L1
Popping sound from the high voltage then shuts offChange TDA8350Q and the 22ohm resistor if its burned
Samsung CT566 K51A
No powerVoltage not changing on pin 18 IC901 SZM-368ET2
Philips A10E
F on top righthand of screen then loss of geometery data and int shutdown, unable to restart but when try do so set cuts outPainter IC failure, A small 100 leg device a joy to change if you have the right gear ! Ref IC7064 also updated software on new IC
Luxor MP63P1 6362-71
Totaly dead without any signs of life!Flyback transitor failed S2000AF
Imerial 36M92 11AK03
Tv stays in stand-by when the power is swiched on. No response from the remote or any button on the setR603 3.9Kohm, 5W was o/c
Sony KV-20VM20 SCC-H16B-A
Would not eject the tapeReplace Elevator activator rack Broken REF# A34 OEM# 9-908-164-01. - UL# 146T - Set MFG. by Goldstar Similar To: Zenith TVR1920 & KV-13VM20
Sony FE-1
Purple line down pictureReplace IC301 CXA2060AS, part no. 8-752-082-35
Sony FE-1
Pressing the screen format button displays wide, smart, zoom and 4:3 modes but settings have no effect on picureEnter TT35 in the service mode to select a 4:3 CRT