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MakeModel Ch.SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Sony KVX2972U
On/Off switch popping out when pressedOn/Off switch push pad broken, repaired push pad and switch now ok
Sony KVX2952U AEIC
Int black and white picture, colour disappearsReplaced IC TDA4580 and all ok
Goodmans VP2500
Video keeps spitting out tapeRe-align video deck, clean dirty heads etc, all now ok with vcr
Alba CTV4809
Sound but no picture except for a couple of horizontal colour linesReplaced the frame chip TDA8356, set now ok
Continental CE3701 Grundig G1000
Note on obtaining a replacment remoteIf you try to get a replacment remote no one will recognise it but the Grundig G1000 RC1/2/4, will work fine
Philips VR6264
No video or RF output. 12.3Vd.c. rail from 7002 BD678 deadFault traced to dead short component located on PCB502 at componet ref no. 2024 Philips blue radial capacitor 330uF, 16V. Philips part number 4822 124 40849. Cap has markings 036K0 T0 on it. Replaced and all sprang into life ok
Sharp 37DT-25S
Dead, fuse okReplace Q701 P3NA80FI with a P4NB80FI-mbr. Check Q702 BC338. Replace R703 5,6E, 5W, all components in supply. Check print for poor contacts
Philips 24PW6005 A10E
Intermittent or no sound, mute transistor not switching on, ref 7701.Possible software problem! replace micro. Circuit ref 7064 part no 3111 250 545 11. If thats too expensive then try fitting a 22k resistor collector to base of transistor 7701 in mute circuit!
Toshiba V642UK
VCR is locked out, no sound, noise picture and front panel buttons do not work. NVRAM has been lostAccess the NVRAM menu. On remote hold A-Dub button for 10secs, VCR display will read TEST, then hold the menu button until the NVRAM menu is displayed on screen. I do not know the codes for this model, if anyone knows them please pass them on!
Beko 12,8
Red or Green or Blue screenCheck and replace on crt module : D702, D703, D704 all 1N4148 replace with type 1N4948T
Beko 12,8
No audioCheck and replace ic101 with STV2246C and check and replace c135 100uF, 16V replace it with a 220uF, 50V. Also check and replace C308 470uF, 16V replace it with a 470uF, 50V
Philips PLASMA 42FD9954 S FM24
Green dots flashing over the screen in AV modeChange resistor value R3641 from 1K to 100ohm
Beko 12,8
The +Ub voltage +118V was not present, fault in switching power supplyTransistor T901 SK2545 or P3NB60FP had failed. Replace it and check C908 22uF, 35V replace it with 22uF, 50V. Also C912 1uF, 25V replace it with 1uF, 50V and D906 1N4148 always replace it with 1N4948T
Sharp 51DT-25H
NVM modification / symptoms such as no video, tuning drift & reduced height from coldFit 2 zener diodes part no. RH-EX0404BM22 in positions D510 and D511, fit coil part no. VP-CF120K0000 in place of link J122 and fit zener diode part no. RH-EX0412BMZZ in position D403
Akai TV2034
Appears to be stuck in standby with the front led flashing and the h.t. at about half the correct voltageThis set led me a merry dance until i discovered the set was actually in the child lock mode !! The problem was solved once this was disabled using the remote control
Schneider STV515
No sound, no picture dark screenThis was due to IC101 VCU2133
Aiwa VXT1400
When switching to STBY raster remains and buzz noise is heared from the speakersCause: +B voltage 103 V does not switch-off. Remedy: Replace defective C541
Philips L6.3
Failure of fusible resistors R3929 and R3930 both 560RUnfortunately when these blow it is a sure symptom of LOPTX failure. When replacing these resistors, check the big blue 470nF, 250V capacitor behind them for signs of heat damage and replace if necessary, to avoid a recall With resistors gone again!
Ferguson M8422U ICC17
LED flashes once the 6 times then goes to standbyReplace LOPT
Panasonic NVG30
Operates for about half hour to an hour and shuts downCapstan IC located on the underside of main PCB was dry jointed due to exessive heat. Remove and discard plastic cover and apply fresh solder removing old. Also refresh heatsink compound.I'll try extending the heatsink too