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MakeModel Ch.SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Philips 20PT3742
Dead with LED blinking 4 timesThe vertical output IC. is short circuit
Panasonic TX21V1 Alpha 2
Bright red raster with flyback lines,shutting down after about 30 seconds with squealing from power supplyThe fault was due to the supply choke to the red output stage on the tube base panel being O/C, I can only assume the shut down was due to excessive beam current, a long soak test proved all was now ok
Panasonic TX-2470
Cogging on vertical elements of picture, p.s.u squealingReplaced C808 10uF, 50V It had gone low in value
Sony KVG25M1
DeadFound Q802 C4927 short, replace with same type as no other types last
Goodmans 2029T
Blank raster with no sound eht & tube heaters presentZD401 s/c. Also take a look at R419. This set had been left on and R419 had cooked, it's value went to 20K
Nordmende F20-9 ICC7
No colourCheck IV01 TA8659 or IE50 TEA2114
Hitachi C2146TN
Dead / int, led litCheck the 5v regulator IC952, 8v regulator IC951, standby regulator IC950 and the field output chip TA8427K or for dry joints on the regulators
Ferguson 626R TX807
HVTU Tension de sintonia 99v pero en el zener DH01 ZTK33A hay 22v.Sustituir zener 33v ZTK33A
Thomson TX807
Plain raster, retrace lines, no soundProblem in vif board, Resistor 68 ohms to +b supply line 12V
Bush WS6690D 11AK19
At switch on front l.e.d turns green, blinks twice then set returns to standby. All h.t voltages rise, then fall away as set goes into standby33 ohm resistor feeding standby 5V reg was high 8 ohms - not shown cct diagram, in my case D605 on the 45 volt supply from the LOPT was faulty, although it measured o.k
Blaupunkt MS70-79VT FM500-70
Horizontale gekartelde stoorpatronen in 't beeld 't eerste uur.Cond. C542 slecht
Telefunken Palcolor S540C ICC9
Geen blauwe kleurSMD transistor TV81 Bc858 defect.
Orion TV2501B
Dead setFound the IRD shorted
Panasonic NVJ45 G DECK
Appeared to be dead like C1110 1uF, 400Found C1125 and C1130 680uF, 20v leaking onto pcb. Remove sm.tx and clean board
Sylvania SRT2127ST
TV will not start up, fuses okChange IC601
Samsung 20A5
Partial field collapseCheck IC301 TDA8350Q and the 2 associated unmarked capacitors 10uF and 100uF, 63v and the 10ohms,5w ceramic resistor across pins 3/5 of the above chip
Decca D20RDE6 D Series
No luminancelooks negative pictureWe spent over 2 hours on this set and in the end we swapped the with a scrap and the fault remained ! It turned out the fault was with the CRT
Philips 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 FL1.0
Lights flashing at the front, if carefully interpreted they point to the primary of the power supplyReplaced 2SB 3795B chopper transistor, heated the heatsink with a hair dryer and it started right up, weird as the transistor was reading fine
Philips 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 FL1
When selecting a channel it locks in initially but will then go off tune as if the voltage tuning had variedReplaced the TDA i.c. in the tuner i.f. section. tried the capacitors first of course.
Philips 29FL1770 or 25FL1760 FL1
No pictures or soundDisconnect the P1 and P2 plugs on the right hand side board. L.o.p.t. side. If the set now starts up then change all sound output IC's