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SonyTCD5MDEFECTIVE Q-901 Fast forward and rewind are stopped after running a fewseconds.
SonySRF80WLEADS OF C606 NEEDED INSULATION Intermittent speaker popping on left channel. Problem wouldnot arise when using headphones but only when radio installed in poweredspeaker unit.
SonyPSX40SHORTED MOTOR Very low drive torque, Q103 and Q104 low outputs. No signalat emitter of Q103 and Q104 - measure emitter of Q103 and Q104 to groundreading should be 38 ohms. L3 and L4 of motor measure short.
SonyPST22MOTOR HUM AT START-UP At start up of motor for about 1/2 revolution of platter thereis a hum, then a pause, as soon as the motor is up to speed hum stops.
SonyICFC310WMODIFICATION TO INCREASE BUZZER OUTPUT Customer is complaining the buzzer is not loud enough.Buzzer becomes loud enough when the sleep switch is on. At that timeQ6 collector receives 12V for a louder amplification than the 6 volts itsees when the buzzer is on by itself. What can be done to
SonyICFC15WDISCONNECTED Q9 Distorted sound in audio section. Used signal tracer to findbreak in landing at the collector of Q9.
SonyICF7600LOOSE CAPACITOR Capacitor had pulled away on the tone control board.
SonyHMK414EJECT BUTTON OUT OF PROPER LOCATION When unboxed, eject button pushed inside of unit. No damageto box.
SonyHMK414MOTOR FELL OUT OF PROPER LOCATION Cassette motor fell out of tape transport during shipment.
SonyCFS55STOP LEVER NOT PROPERLY POSITIONED No audio when placed in play, but tape is erase, recordnormal.
SonyCFS55BELT SLIPS OFF If the unit comes in with BELT OFF my S/S advises me that oneshould change the belt along with any repair or it will come back as aRE-REPAIR in a short time. -HQ COMMENTS: Replace the motor pulley when the capstan belt slippedoff the motor pulley in the
SonyCFS45PCB MOUNTING SCREW BREAKS FOIL TRACE Circuit board mounting screw is tightened too much. Cracksbreak B+ path to function switch.
SonyTPSL2DEFECTIVE MOTOR Unit runs slow.
SonyTCM121MECHANICAL MODIFICATION When customer presses record button with no tape inserted,pressure of record lever assy. against chassis causes the lever retainingportion to break off. Since the retainer is part of the chassis assembly,the entire assy would have to be replaced.
SonyTCK55IIDEFECTIVE REMOTE CHIP Unit functions jammed in rewind mode voltages on Pin 33 was0.37 volts. Rewind mode voltage should read 10 volts. Voltages ofremote chip Pins 9, 5, 11 and 7 were 1.9V also should be 10 volts.Remote chip affected total operation of tape deck.