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SonyTC755CLEANING STOP MICROSWITCH Low playback level off tape, SOURCE position OK. Recordsection checked OK, found playback amp was being muted by Q304 and Q404.Base measure 1.6V all the time. Lifted R437, playback level normal.Traced 1.6V back into system control ckt., to emitter of Q
SonyTAF3APCB LABELLING INCORRECT Q103/104/153/154 - 3 and 4 reversed on PCB labelling. -HQ COMMENTS: Thank You for this information.
SonyPT79RPART NUMBER ERROR I had ordered a power transformer, P/N 1-446-639-00, for USAmodel which I copied the number directly out from the service manual. Thetransformer that was sent to me was coded with the same number as was themanual but instead it was of 220 volts. Later
SonySTRV25ERROR IN MANUAL Page 7 Procedure 2, error adjust RT101 for 76 kHz +/- 100 Hz.This is opposite STR-V2/-V3/-V4.
SonySTRV25MODIFICATION ON MOUNTING FLAME PROOF RESISTORS Q652 failed causing flame proof resistors R633, 664, 665 tooverheat and open. This type resistor gets very hot before opening sincethese are mounted tight against the board. Damage will occur when theyget hot.
SonySTRV5DEFECTIVE IC451 No output, meter and lights operating, relay activates. B+and B- low.
SonySTRV3ERROR IN SERVICE MANUAL The schematic (Page 20) shows bias test points incorrectly atcollector of Q713 and Q763. Should be at emitters. -HQ COMMENTS: See Technical Newsletter #8102.
SonySTRV2ERROR IN SERVICE MANUAL VCO adjustment Page 9, Procedure 2, adjust RT201 for 19kHz+/- 100Hz error.
SonyICFC11WCLEAN AND ADJUST SWITCH Alarm set time shows upon auto buzzer.
SonyICF7600LOOSE DIAL INDICATOR Dial indicator needle disconnects from the dial string. Theunit will continue to tune radio stations but customer is unable todetermine the station from the indicator.
SonyCFS71LUBRICATION IN SWITCH ASSY NEEDED When the Fast Fwd/Rewind switch is activated by the switchlever assy, binding of the two nylon pieces can occur. This causes themuting switch to stay in the ON position. The audio is then greatlyreduced. This condition occurs most often when the AMS f
SonyCFM23DEFECTIVE MOTOR Tape speed slowing - occasionally decrease in current tomotor. Same decrease on external DC input.
SonyTFM7720WBROKEN CONNECTION ON CONTROL Volume control has no effect on volume - volume remains loud.Removed volume control and it was working properly.
SonyTFM7720WCOLD SOLDER No AM on low end.