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SonyTFM6160WLOOSE PULLEY The tuning dial does not work. The pulley near the speakerpulls loose causing the dial string not to work.
SonyTCS300IDLER OUT OF POSITION Spindle assy take-up reel will not turn in playback or recordonly.
SonyTCK81BACK TENSION TORQUE ADJUSTMENT Back tenstion and tape path was incorrect. Complaint of tapewrinkle on maxell tape.
SonyICK81STEEL BALL OUT OF PROPER LOCATION Tape jammed. Found head deck wouldn't retract properly.
SonyTCK65DEFECTIVE IC802 After operating approx. 1.5 to 3 hrs, the transport willstop - rewind - stop. The LED display will then indicate 1 and none ofthe function switches have any effect. This is with RMS off, with RMS on- cannot be programmed. Found Pins 12, 13, 15, 16 of
SonyTCK5MISSING BUSHING Both of these units came in with excessive wow and flutter.What causes this is the absence of a bushing which holds motor switchlever in place. Without this bushing motor lever is allowed to movefreely and ends up meshing with the teeth on supply gear c
SonySTRV55LEAKY C412 AM and FM very slow to lock on station - then drifts offagain. Tantalum capacitor C412 in LPF was leaky.
SonySTRV45DEFECTIVE C412 Tuning incorrect - AM station at 920 kHz, tuned in at1600 kHz. No local on 1600 kHz. FM tuning out of band and picking upmicroprocessor RFI.
SonySTRV35OUTPUTS OPEN UNDER LOAD The output transistors in these receivers were intermittentlyopening under load. All these were used with 4 ohm speakers.Re: JR0803 STR-V35 listed did not have A979 failure.
SonySTRV25MODIFICATION FOR RELIABILITY 2SA979 transistor (Q605/655) fails. -HQ COMMENTS: See upcoming S/B: 100 ohm emitter resistor gets replacedby 150 ohms (also in Technical Newsletter #8110).
SonySTRV25ERROR ON PCB SILK SCREEN Q605/655/606/656/607/657/608/658/609/659/610/660/612/613/614/615/616 are all marked wrong on PC board.
SonySTJ60DEFECTIVE NOR GATE Normal output levels on pins 1 and 7 of IC302 (audio ampoutput) relay will not turn on - no output. Q404 was 15.5V potentialshould be near 0V when relay activates. Voltages on IC401 pins 8, 9, and10 was all 0V nor gate defective.
SonyM203DEFECTIVE C122 Newly made recording had low playback volume. LED indicatedexcellent sensitivity during recording but playback was low. Previouslyrecorded tapes were OK.
SonyICFC11WDEFECTIVE Q11 Brightness control does not work. Voltage stays the same on2 leads of the brightness control. Base voltage of Q11 too high.
SonyTCM600ON REPLACING SWITCH R/PB switch actuates comes off of lever actuated by Recordlever that is supposed to change switch from play to record. Rivets thatattach arm to lever are apparently not long enough or not secured well.