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SonyTCM121LOCK PLATE SHAFT NEEDED LUBRICATION Auto stop was working intermittently.
SonyTCM111CLUTCH SPRING CAUSES NOISE The mechanical vibrations of the creaking forward clutchwould be picked up by the build-in microphone when recording. The creak -creak - creak sound would be amplified and cause the audio AGC to dropdown. The playback would be of the creak - creak - cr
SonyTC630SUBSTITUTION FOR PLAYBACK HEAD WILL NOT FIT Original part is substituted to PP102-2902E. It will not mountin machine with supplied hardware. -HQ COMMENTS: Part number now correctly subs to 8-829-129-20(PP102-2902)and applies to serial numbers 124,701 and higher. For serial numbers below124,701, u
SonyTC165PHASE CAPACITOR MUST BE CHANGED Installed new motor in the machine and after 15 minutes itoverheats. There are 3 units with the same problem. -HQ COMMENTS: This unit normally operates at 108 degrees F whenreplacing original motor with replacement 8-832-414-11 (IC414S) change thevalue
SonyTCK75TENSION INCORRECT The first section of tape (5-15 minutes) is being wrinkled orcreased. After a certain amount of tape has wound on to the take-up reelof the cassette the problem is eliminated. The wrinkling (transverse)causes drop-out of signal and also loss of high fr
SonyTCK35ROUGH SPOT ON FR LIMITER In Fwd or Rew, when unit gets to end of tape, R1008 will gethot and twice R1008 opened for customer. Found flywheel to be almoststopping drawing around 180mA.
SonyTCK6LOCK PLATE BINDING Eject, F/F and Rewind defective, while Stop, Fwd, Record andPause work normally.
SonyTCK2ADEFECTIVE D306 Unit came into FSC with complaint of no record or playback,erase OK both channels bad. Power supply check showed correct B+ voltagesfor amplifier circuits. Muting transistors Q103, 203 were not turningoff. Q303 (muting driver) Q103, Q203 all OK. Foun
SonyTCK1AREPLACEMENT TRANS DON'T WORK Q101 and Q102 (Q201 and Q202) are both 2SC900E transistors.These were ordered and 2SC1362 were shipped as subs. They do not worknone of the subs listed work. In the parts list of the manual a 2SC1362(8-729-665-45) is listed. -HQ COMMENTS: The beta ran
SonyTCK1AINCORRECT P/N Listed motor on page 24 of Instruction Manual shows incorrectpart number.
SonyTCK1ACRACK IN PCB Several units had no indication of record LED in record mode.This is not due to defective record LED. The problem is caused by a breakin plating, on the record LED circuit board.
SonyTCK1ASAME P/N FOR DIFFERENT NUMBERS The P/N for the record button is the same as REW/FF/PLAY. Itshould have a diferent number, as the original has a red mark on thebutton and the PLAY/FF/REW do not. -HQ COMMENTS: This information can be found in the July 1979 TechnicalDigest on Page 4.
SonyTAN88DEFECTIVE COMPONENTS ON POWER SUPPLY BOARD Complaint was intermittent noise in left channel. Speakerrelay would not stay on. Found L-ch waveform at TP1 at B-level, R-chwaveform erratic.
SonyTAN88BROKEN PCB TRACES R-ch won't work.
SonyTAN8550MISSING CONNECTION DC balance circuit in class A amp board does not function.Due to missing plating in ground line circuit. This in turn supplies DCvoltage on 0 volt line which in turn causes VFET failure. Also I feelthat if the value of RT701 22 kohm DC bias adjustment