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SonyTAF5ATHERMAL FUSE IN TRANSFORMER Primary of T503 was found defective. Upon removal andinspection, a thermal fuse was found in series with Pin 1. There was nosign of heat anywhere in the PPS. Jumping the fuse restored operation -a new transformer was ordered.
SonyTAF5ADEFECTIVE D363 Unit came into FSC with burned R360 and leaky Q352. Staticcheck of other components showed no gross shorts or opens.
SonyTAF3ATRANSISTORS SHORTING TO HEAT SINK After the output transistors have been replaced, and unit hasplayed, the outputs will go out again.
SonyTA4650DC BALANCE DC balance on the speaker outputs is determined by matchingof Q302 and Q303.
SonyTA2650REPLACEMENT TRANSISTORS ARE IMPROVED Customer complained of noise with volume control at midposition, standard input levels.
SonyTA2650SWITCH OUT OF PROPER LOCATION No audio output on any function - function switch (S1) wafers180 degrees out.
SonySTRV55LEAD DRESSING NEEDED Whining noise from processor with no FM signal and muting off.
SonySTRV55WIRE NUMBERS ARE REVERSED Incorrect wire number. Numbers #1 and #3 reversed.
SonySTRV35DEFECTIVE OUTPUTS The NPN output transistor opened on one channel of each ofthese receivers. No other problems found.
SonySTRV2P/N FOR GLASS Cases of concealed damage to front glass on these models havebeen reported. Present solution is to replace entire front panel assemblybut it is costly. -HQ COMMENTS: A similar situation developed on the STR-4800SD, -5800SD,-6800SD models 3 years ago.
SonySTR7065PROTECTION TRANSISTORS REVERSED Burned main amplifier board was replaced (X-482-232-50).Amplifier clipped at 1 watt out.
SonySTR212DEFECTIVE IC20, 301, Q301, 302 No AM or FM - IC201 voltages incorrect, Q301 collector read 11volts. Replacement of individual IC, would knock the other chip out.
SonySTC7000ADJUSTMENT NEEDED The maximum deflection on tuner input meter did not correspondto center channel on tuning meter. Adjustment of FM discriminator and FMIF was unsuccessful.
SonySQA2030DEFECTIVE Q701 Noise in back channel outputs. -HQ COMMENTS: Replaced regulator transistor Q701, 2SC1124.
SonyPSX70WEAK MOTOR Tone arm would not complete return and play cycle wouldstop widway most times.