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SonyPSX40DEFECTIVE MGH Turntable speed erratic. Maximum output from MGH was 15-20MVp-p. Even slight readjustment of the head caused it to scrape theplatter.
SonyPSX30LOOSE LEAD ON C101 Frequent slowing down of motor. Found one lead of C101loose.
SonyPSX30DEFECTIVE DETECTION LEVER Scraping noise. Cause: detection lever had been jammed underprotrusion on bottom of cam gear in shipping and was permanently warped.This was touching the top of the magnet ass'y on the motor shaft.
SonyPSX20DEFECTIVE IC101 In play mode turntable operates normally, in stop mode (poweron) turntable rotates backwards. In STOP mode, IC102-2 output goesnegative 2.1V and inverting input remains slightly positive (Pin 6). Theoutput of LOGIC Pin 6 of IC101 remains at +1 volt. G
SonyPSX7DEFECTIVE Q203 Automatic function engages when power is turned on or off, andspeed varies. This only occurs when unit is cold.
SonyPSX7REPLACEMENT MOTOR WILL NOT MOUNT During troubleshooting, we found that replacement motor(A-460-801-9A) would not mount properly. Dimensions of motor shaft andspindle were different.
SonyPSX6OPEN CAP C205 After several minutes of operation platter slows down and getsprogressively slower.
SonyPST25SPACERS TO REMOVE Platter scrapes on side opposite tonearm.
SonyPS212LEAKY Q3 Turntable speed is too fast.
SonyPS20FREPLACING STYLUS The stylus of the moving coil cartridge for the PS-20F isreplaceable. The part number is ND206.
SonyMDR3L2WIRES BREAK The distributor (Norcal) has reported to me several brokenwires on these units. The wires break at the plug end.
SonyM200SPRING OUT OF LOCATION Switch SW3 did not move to OFF position when stop buttonengaged. Problem was spring (3-561-626-00) was off at stud end, not slideend.
SonyM101SHORT ON MIC. No sound.
SonyICFS5WSOLDER CONNECTION Sound would come on loud then become low and distorted.
SonyICFC805WDEFECTIVE IC AND R602 No light in display tube. Low B+ to IC.