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SonyICFC805WBRIDGE SOLDER CONNECTIONS ON PCB Clock running 10 seconds fast per minute.
SonyICFC511WDEFECTIVE CLOCK The time the alarm is set for moves with the rest of theclock. It will not stay at the time set.
SonyICFC411WINCORRECT PART NUMBER - REVERSED Incorrect part number - reversed.
SonyICFC410WDEFECTIVE D4 Continuous hum as if bad filter capacitor caused by shorteddiode, D4 replaced D4.
SonyICFC33WDISPLAY TOO BRIGHT Customer complains that display is too bright and wants toknow if his unit can be modified to correct his complaint. -HQ COMMENTS: Safety regulations do not permit changing the value of thecomponent that controls lamp brightness.
SonyICFC15WDEFECTIVE POWER TRANSFORMER Dead. Check for hum in radio when repaired.
SonyICFC15WDEFECTIVE IC - MM5387N Hour numbers jumped from 4 to 7, 8 back to 7 instead of 4, 5,6, 7.
SonyICFC15WSHORT IN PCB No clock read out. Voltage on grid too low.
SonyICFC11WPOOR CONTACT No alarm, switch was not making proper contact.
SonyICF9650WCRACK IN PCB No sound, dial lamp lights, found no B+ to radio.
SonyICF9650WBREAKS IN PCB Circuit board broken at 3 out of 4 places where circuit boardis mounted on front panel. No damage visable on main cabinet assy.,packing or box.
SonyICF9650WCOLD SOLDER JOINT T404 Hum only, no AM, no FM, B+ for radio was only 1.5V insteadof 7.5V.
SonyICF9650WBREAK IN PCB Dial light works, no sound.
SonyICF9530WMISSING P/N The volume control part number is missing from the S/M.