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SonyTFM7720WBREAK IN PCB Sound is unclear.
SonyICFC410WINCORRECT SUBSTITUTE TRANSISTORS USED When radio is turned on either no sound or a buzzing sound isheard. I have found that Q5, Q6 and Q11, which call for 2SC1363 tran-sistors have been replaced with 2SC1634 transistors which are notsubstitutes.
SonyICF9650BROKEN PCB Circuit board cracked at 3 out of 4 mounting posts. Novisable damage on cabinet or packing material. Problem previouslyreported on ICF-9650 #159305. Found identical problem on ICF-9650#156863, and #196273. -HQ COMMENTS: We will investigate this probl
SonyTCM121BRACKET ASSY OUT OF LOCATION This unit would eat tape because take up reel would not turn.The bracket assy was allowed to travel backwards (pulling against thespring) until it went past the plastic guide on the chassis assy. Onceit went past the guide, it could not come back forwar
SonyTCK96RIDLER WHEEL At end of tape unit will not auto reverse or shutoff. In thisunit the micro processor gets it's signal off the reel motor. At the endof the tape when take up reel was stopped at tend of tape the reel motorwas still dragging sending the pulse signals to
SonyTCK96RPART REPLACEMENT NEEDED Auto shutoff and bi-directional playback is intermittent.
SonyTCK35ROUGH SPOT ON FR LIMITER In FWD or REW, when unit gets to end of tape, R1008 will gethot and twice R1008 opened for customer. Found flywheel to be almoststopping drawing around 180mA.
SonyTCK15MODIFICATION NEEDED This deck produces short duration pops and snaps while playingTDK tape. (Same tape works OK in other Sony recorders.) -HQ COMMENTS: Please refer the attached S/B issued in Sony Canada and dothe same disposition. We will issue the S/B.
SonyTCK1ADEFECTIVE CAPACITORS Complaint was no PB both channels, REC vol. OK. First stageof EQ Amp was cut off, second stage saturated.
SonyHMK229MAIN BOARD NOT GROUNDED With the exception of a click in both speakers when unit isengaged, dial lamps and cassette motor running, the unit is dead.
SonyTCM121BRACKET NEEDS BENDING No take-up in fwd play mode. The latch on the idler bracketsometimes doesn't go over the stub on the chassis but goes to the sideof it and jams there.
SonyTC630TOO MUCH LOAD ON MOTOR FROM MECHANISM Servicer reports that replacement motors for TC-630 andTC-105 recorders do not have as much torque as original motor. -HQ COMMENTS: We installed the motor which you sent for evaluation intoTC-630D. The tape speed of the tape deck was originally +0.6T i
SonyTAF30HUM IN HEADPHONE When tape monitor or any input switch is engaged, a hum isnoticed in the headphone output. Problem occurs due to current flowingthrough common ground connections from pilot lamps.
SonySTRV55COLD SOLDER CONNECTION Protection circuit relay, RY701 would actuate intermittentlywhen volume was turned up from about 3 click-stop positions to the 9o'clock position.