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SonyTCM121DEFECTIVE IC'S 4140, UPB4011 No playback and no record.
SonyTCK1ADRIVE BELT GETS STUCK Several units came in with no movement at all. In all casesthe drive belt was stuck between the motor pulley and motor.
SonySTRV4DIFFERENT TRANSISTOR USED Transistor 2SD666A is used in the unit. However, the partsdescription has it listed as 2SC1811. A further check with the transistorsubstitution book did not verify that one is a substitute of the other.
SonyICFC21WFRAGILE CONNECTOR The connector used to wire the main board to the functionboard is too short and fragile. During repairing, any pressure appliedcan cause it to short or keep the radio on. It is also difficult tostrip and solder.
SonyTCK5DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS ARE MISSING No disassembly instructions are given for removal of thebutton assembly.
SonyTCK2ADEFECTIVE RECORD SWITCH Intermittent high frequency oscillation. Once started, theonly way to stop it was to engage record mode and return to play. Problemoccurred only in play mode.
SonyTCK1AERROR IN S/M P/N 8-834-021-XX for motor (D-02162) is listed in the S/M.However, a servicer found DNF-1001B motor, P/N 8-835-006-00, in the unit.Which if either of these motors is correct for this model?
SonyPSX30DETECTION LEVER JAMMED Scraping noise. Cause is detection lever had been jammedunder protrusion on bottom of cam gear in shipping and was permanentlywarped. This was touching the top of the magnet ass'y on the motor shaft.
SonyPSX30INCORRECT SPACING OF CAM AND GEAR The gear (reject cam) will not engage. Cause is the spacingbetween the cam and the gear on the motor shaft was excessive preventingthe clutch assy to be pushed far enough to engage the teeth. The spacebetween these gears was visibly greater than on oth
SonyICFC11WL8 DISCONNECTED No buzzer alarm.
SonyCF520R401 OPENS R401 opens and the motor will not run.
SonyTCM121BELT JUMPS OFF MOTOR Belt jumps off motor pulley due to lubricant getting on belt.
SonyTAE5450TRANSFORMER RADIATING 60HZ Hum in both channels. Volume control had very little effecton control of hum. If volume control turned up, tone controls wouldeffect hum.
SonySTRV2BLOWN TRANSISTORS Several units came in with blown power fuses.