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SAMSUNGCL21Z43MQXXXAZsoundlessDz817, L201, Ic803because the IRC is no regulation over the 8v, was the seed be short and subsequent disruption of the coil.Romildo Behrend
SAMSUNGLN32A550P3Rsource is pulsing the tensions ... more beats the source only when connected to the main pci (the source is connected separately emulating the tensions is ok)exchange the following components ... pc801s, 802S, 803S, 804S and zdtb851 and zdm851exchanged even tv is ok..espero have helped.electronic waterfall
SAMSUNGCL-21Z40MQKSCANo work, led off, high source 250V without tension in the photo coupler, tension in D813, which should be 12V, 5V givingC846, 2200uF with high ESRClaudio Technical
SAMSUNGCL21C650MLvertical closed up only middle image downin my case was the ci la78045 had tested d303 also exchanged capacitorsla 78045carlos maranguape1
SAMSUNGLN40D503With sound but no picture.CP811 shortEdson SP
SAMSUNGCL21C650MLThe source does not workDZ812 of 33v leaking.change a new one.Rogan (Solan-PB)
SAMSUNGT220No power, led offIC601 No 3.3v on pin 3 without 5V on pin 1.Made a jumper pin 5 of CN600 connector to pin 1 of IC601
SAMSUNGCL-21Z30MQK16BThis TV was stopped and install when you connect, the led and deletesQ401 Q404 = = J6810A and FQP630 short / very good exchange CR403S = 1600V 8K2, 7K7 CR402S = 1600V, CR405S = 18K 630V and 63V 1uF capacitor polyester burst / C407 = 250V 2,2uf the C402 = 100uf 25v resecadoThe source this high exchange IC804 = changed KA78R05, IC802 = 78RM33 and KA431 short and diode leakage DZ242 = 5V1, 3V3 = DZ819, DZ605 = 3V3 and 5V6 = DZ810 / replacing these components of this samsung tv problem solved Tv is OKAndré Belem do Para
SAMSUNGCW29K89VSKS3Aoutput lines try to boot, but can not, B + falls at boot timeC815 filter B + s / ch.subst. the C815c.bentes
SAMSUNGCL29K40MQK16so without image drizzle C144I changed C144 (103 x25v) and decidedelectronic systemClaudia tc electronic system
SAMSUNGCL29K40MQK16ANo image drizzlingR167 680R with low resisteciatraded R167 680R and .resolveu okClaudia tc electronic system
SAMSUNGLN32B450Red LED lights up and does not come out of Standby. Close the circuit of the source whip pins 1 and 2 and measure the voltages have to be present.Reflow or processor reballing. Use resin flow to reflow.joaomvjr
SAMSUNGPL42C430A1No powerChange CB816 capacitor at sourceELETROINFO
SAMSUNGCL 21A551 MLtremendous image and intortando and without syncweak capacitor C216cap 2.2 50v weak.guinga sanclerlandia go