GRUNDIG Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
GrundigCUC7350TrippingR60027/28 0R46 gone hi res
GrundigCUC7350St/by onlyLM317T reg s/c by its heatsink clip
GrundigCUC7350No soundcheck sm trs to left of audio IC - mute sound in st/by & when told by micro - BC848C faulty in this case
GrundigCUC7350No HT controlHT pot R60027 increased in value from 0R68 to 1R5
GrundigCUC7350mains fuse o/c, BUZ chopper tr s/cdry joint C60029 470pf 1.6Kv also check D60011-14 & D60023/4 rects
GrundigCUC7350Int start upC60031 100ยต 35v in psu
GrundigCUC7350Dead IRFBC40 chopper MOSFET failureDry joints C60029 470pf. Check R60027/28 0R46, R60022 10R, D6011-14 D60023-24 1N4007
GrundigCUC7350Dead - Chopper FET & 2 rect diodes s/cdry joint on C600 - blew again later due to arcing between FET & heatsink
GrundigCUC7350Dead - 2.5A fuse blackenedT60020 IRFBC40 chopper tr s/c; D60013 1N4007 mains rect s/c; C60029 dry joints; R60023 1N4003 s/c; R60027 0R56 o/c
GrundigCUC7350DeadChopper FET & control IC partial cure but all volts low until R60027/8 0R56 1w reistors replaced
GrundigCUC7350"E" instead of "OK" shows when storingSw on with "Prog -" button depressed to clear "fault"
GrundigCUC731KTNo start upD633 1N4935 s/c
GrundigCUC7306Auto tune problemsif auto tune used it defaults to wrong tv standard be aware!
GrundigCUC7305no vid or soundsm tr CT840 BC848B vid sw tr faulty
GrundigCUC7303Won't go fully into st/by - crt heaters stay lit etcPin 1 IC676 should drop to 1.2v in st/by - was staying at 10.7v. BC848 sm tr downstream from pin 1 was faulty though checked ok