GRUNDIG Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Grundig CUC5350 Goes to standby after a short timeReplace C631 1uF, 63v
Grundig VS920No remote control operation or modulator outputUnlock the video with code 4934 + OK. Check if you have the remote control set on video 1. When you have the RP 95 remote you can set the remote to video 1 with code 8527 + OK
Grundig T55-640 CUC 6300 Sleep timer box on screen, remote & front buttons not workingChanged the EEPROM IC847 24C04
Grundig CUC5310 Picture int disappears leaving snow on screenResolder the Xtal in the tuner
Grundig M70-490/9 TEXT CUC3800 No sound, picture okWhen shifting up the channel frequency using the fine tuning, a very weak sound could be heard. Replaced the sound IF demodulator chip U2829BIC2110
Grundig CUC5310 Dead, no shorts foundLook for dry joints on the scan coil plug may not be visable also resolder the 12v and 5v regs
Grundig ST70-460 CUC4635 Intermittent start up and trippingDry joint on R636, vertically mounted 4.7 ohm wirewound in sw mode circuit
Grundig CUC7301/3 Power supply blownThis is often caused by a dry joint at C669 in the snubber network but also check the mains bridge rectifiers reservoir capacitor 47uF, 385v for o/c, this item is not included in the ususal p.s.u repair kits and if not checked may result in a repeat blow up !
Grundig G1000Tripping with burning smellLOPtx
Grundig G1000St/by onlyNo line drive - R314 6k8 2w o/c
Grundig G1000Blank raster and narrowR315 10R o/c - supply to RGB stage also dry joints power trs
Grundig CUC7350Dead - mains fuse shatteredD60013/4 mains rects s/c, chopper FET T60020 IRFBC40 s/c used BUZ90 UC3843 replaced as prec,caused by dry joints chopper tfmr
Grundig CUC7350Dead - +8v supply absentR61021 15R safety res in 8v reg o/c
Grundig CUC7301/3Mains fuse S1600 2.5A blows int1N4007 mains rect diode, also check IC630, T665chopper tr, zener D663, R661220R,Caps C661/663/656 & 667
Grundig CUC7301/3Dead after dry joint C669 caused havocT665 MJF18004C chopper s/c; IC630 ┬ÁC3842N/AN; D621-4 1N4007; R661 220R; D663 3v6 zener; CD651 ZD18v; D667 BA157 leaky.