GRUNDIG Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
GrundigG1000St/by onlyD304 BY133 s/c ; R314 6k8 4w o/c
GrundigG1000Reduced width with foldoverCheck line freq is not twice normal - if so micro IC500 75990-200-63 faulty - mod available
GrundigG1000pink raster with striations sound/rc okchanged 6 trs on crt base + 3 15k resistors cured it
GrundigG1000Peak white pic with fb linesR999 100R on crt base
GrundigG1000No soundR550 4R7 (9v feed to audio chip) TDA2822M IC550 o/c
GrundigG1000No lum in txtsm TR653 BC847 leaky b-e
GrundigG1000Int PSU failure, grey scale variations etccheck C104 47mfd 400v - if Black Siemens type replace it
GrundigG1000Instability using SCART i/pMicro chip faulty
GrundigG1000Field collapseR337 100R
GrundigG1000Dead & tickingD301 BA157 26v supply s/c
GrundigG1000Dead - trippingD304 BY133 in LOP s/c
GrundigG1000Dead - slowly tickingC104 Mains smoother o/c
GrundigG1000Dead - no 9v supplyR116 fusible o/c IC102 5v reg overheats - C543 sm cap under ยต s/c
GrundigG1000Dead - lop tr s/c & high HT (200v)D105 BAS16 sm leaky
GrundigG1000Dead - IC500 ST6365 micro not being resetNo reset pulse pin 33 due to either Tr540 BC847 or Tr451 BCX19 sm trs going s/c - replace both