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AiwaVXT1000 Mk2Failure of IC STK7348 in tv psuReplace:R102. 33ohmlW Part No S5 34A 330 000 R104 27ohm 3W Part No Sl 330 703 000(6.25UKP) RlOl 33ohm7W Part No Sl 330 862 000(8.37UKP) Also please check and if necessary replace:R103(3.76UKP) R105 Replace as required. R109(4.00UKP) NOTE: Do not replace IC on its own.<<
AiwaVXT1000 Mk2Dead - no line driveD7 9v1 zener & C105 330µ 16v both s/c
AiwaVXT1000 Mk2DeadSTK7348 s/c pins 3 & 7, also R103 1R5 3W o/c, R104 27R 3w, R105 1k 1/2w & C90 1µ 50v
AiwaVXT1000 Mk2DeadHt ok at 120v - ICP1 o/c
AiwaVXT1000STK7348 chopper chip int failsC88 3300pF 1kv can be the cause even tho' it looks ok
AiwaVXT1000Dead TV sectIC4 STK7348, R103 1R5 3w, R104 27R 3W, R105 1k 1/2w. C90 1µ 50v was to blame
AiwaVXS140TV sect remains on (No st/by)115V power switching transistor Q550 [2SB816E] was S/C C-E
AiwaVXS140Lack of brightness on Video playback & off airNo 800V screen drive Increase FR752 from ( 1K ) to ( 1K5 ) PtNo 87022388060
AiwaVXS140Blank raster & no VCR funct except clockFR551 [0.1 ohm 1/6 Watt] O/C
AiwaVXG142KNo sigsQ1029 (2SC926) at rear of vcr pcb s/c - used a BD234
AiwaVXG142KNo pic or vcr mechs - osd & sound okReplacing the faulty switching transistor Q511 [2SB926] which supplies the chroma +9V cured both faults. It is situated at the back LHS of the VCR board.
AiwaVXG142KDead with fast tripping aft power cutC513/C538 1m 160v in psu hi esr
AiwaVXG142KDead with st/by led lit - accepts a tape but no functsICP506 1A CP on tv pcb o/c
AiwaVXG142KDead - no stbyR516 270k, IC501 TDA4605-3, Q500 2SK2397
AiwaVXG142KDead - no st/byR516 270K, IC501 TDA4605-3, Q500 2SK2397-01MR