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DaewooGB2898STBuzz on sound at low levelresolder fop chip heatsink
DaewooGB2898CTVArcing in scan coil plug blew componentsField chip TDA8351, then bright blue raster - TDA6106Q B o/p chip on crt base
DaewooGB21F1T2Dead - 4A mains fuse blownC842 4700pf blue bead cap burnt & short
DaewooGB20A5No picture sound ok power supply working okIC1301 TDA8356 _ D301 5.1 Zener
DaewooGB14H1TSync absenteeprom - [clock & data lines on video ic were low by approx 1v]
DaewooGB14H1TService mode enteringOn hset press Blue > Yellow > Green > Red > Stby sequencially. When brought out of st/by should be in service mode. Use buttons 1 & 4 for Slope Adjust; 2 & 5 for Vert Centre; Use buttons 3 & 6 for Vert Amp...
DaewooGB14H1NWon't come out of st/by, sw off when playing, OSG corrugated - all intI826 3.3v reg LE33CZ on front of pcb - available From Farnell
DaewooGB14H1NSound absent & snowy pic aft re-assembyCheck pl/skt conns of spk - can be accidentally put in set AGC skt
DaewooGB14H1NService mode enteringPress "Norm-av-sleep-clear-stby" on R/C
DaewooGB14H1NNo tuning - supply & clk/data lines okTuner faulty - replaced Type DT5-BF18D pt no 48597-19930
DaewooGB14F8T1No Vol adj - osg stuck ½ wayIC1703 24C08P eeprom - pre-prog by Daewoo from SEME @ £18
DaewooGB14F7T1 CP420St/by onlyR804 47k start up res
DaewooGB14F7T1Won't sw on with tape stuck - st/by onlyNo volts at 6v reg IC1806 - P803 plug/skt has 8v in but no 8v o/p due to dry joint on/off sw
DaewooGB14F7T1Sound disappears int(IC) I501 a TDA8374A mounted on the VCR pcb.
DaewooGB14F7T1Dead - psu ok but no lophairline crack by LOPTr coll tp LOPTx