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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
DaewooDWX28W5GBImpuritycheck degaus coil not trapped by set back causing them to go o/c
DaewooDVT2082PRed missingQ552 2SA1266 on crt base
DaewooDVT2082PInt deadDry joint C817 100µ - remove plastic strut to see
DaewooDVT1482P CP310Sound absent in TV mode - ok in pbackCheck RHS edge connector for dry joints/damaged print on video unit
DaewooDVT1482PDead with burning smellLOPTx
DaewooDVT1482PDead - mains fuse blackened & Chopper Tr s/cTDA4601 control chip & C811 100µ 35v
DaewooDVT1482PDeadF4AH fuse o/c, chopper tr 2SD2499 s/c - used 2SD1555 in lieu, C811 100µ 16v hi esr, 220µ 25v hi esr
DaewooDVF522PDeadCheck/replace C53 1µ 100v, D63 RD16F or MA7160 16v zener, C64 680µ 16v,
DaewooDTE28G7GB CP785No sound/pic - psu & line drive okTDA8385J FOP chip faulty
DaewooDMQ2159 CP315Excess brill with fb lines at sw on - ok when heatedC426 3µ3 250v in 190v supply
DaewooDMQ2072No signals & no OSDR256 18R o/c in st/by reg cct
DaewooDMQ2059Int tripOn/Off sw momentary contacts perm connected
DaewooDMQ2057Bright smeary pic190v to RGB low - C426 3µ3 250v
DaewooDMQ1454PStoring of tuning or analogue levels inopD912, D903 leaky & check tactile switches for leakage
DaewooCP775Various faults on chan change; eg E-W, blank raster, snow or st/bydata line down to 4V (must be 5V) - D708 5.6V zener is leaky Also replace D709 5.6V zener to be on the safe side.