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DaewooCP330/CP365No pic or line driveCheck drive pin 37 I701 TDA8362B, if none check 8.2v pin 36, if present replace chip, if absent check R401/2, D401
DaewooCP330/CP365Magenta cast after I501 replacementI501 TDA4661 chroma delay line chip could be faulty
DaewooCP330Jumps chans and sound varies24C08P Eprom memory chip IV02 - use Daewoo type
DaewooCP310St/by only - relay clicks at sw onReplace HT pot VR801 4k7, D807 BYV95C, Q801 2SD1555 & I801 chopper chip TDA4601 & check for dry joints
DaewooCP240 GB20F8T2To set up & service mode…Put set in standby then press blue yellow green red & standby to get into svc, to adjust use 4 & 7, vert centre 5 & 8 size 6 & 9 slope yellow, blue horiz centre 123 & above to ajust RGB
DaewooCP240 GB20F8T2No control of vol or chan change - neg pic with fb lines1703 eprom available from seme part number CAT24C08p at £8
DaewooCP240 GB20F8T2Dead or relay clicking onlyC840 47µ 25v in psu pri
DaewooCombiChild lock removalPress Bule-Yellow-Green-Red within 5-10 secs then press st/by twice
Daewoo2898STNo TxtReprog EEPROM using service remote
Daewoo1427x (CMC1502b)Falta larguraR526 aberto
Daewoo1427x (CMC1502b)Falta larguraR526 aberto
DaewooCMC1427X1Sem focoFlyback (adaptado um kit foco)