HITACHI Repair Tips

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Hitachi C2519T G8Q This set was dead apart from a hissing sound from the speaker, no standby led5 volt regulator on front panel had 13 volt input but only 1 volt output, Replacement cured the fault
Hitachi C2867TNThe set was going off intermittentlyResoldering all three pins on regulator IC952 cured the problem
Hitachi C32W511TN A7 Intermitently goes to standbyCheck R959 as described by Mark C24W511TN and found no problem there, however I discovered that several connections in the area of R959 had fractured. They appear to be components near/attached to a heat sink. Re-soldering the joins did the trick
Hitachi C2846TNIntermittent partial collapse of picture vertically picture squashes down temporarilySee Field collapse tip - it will happen so anticipate it and correct at you leisure rather than have the TV fail completely in the middle of you favourite show
Hitachi C2846TN / C2546TNField collapse horizontal white line on screenR710 dry joints. Same as C2146TN & C2546TN problem solved with thanks to Mike G & Barty. Power off/unplug. Get to circuit board underside with aerial socket up-R710 is near top and right of centre-cluster of 4 joints best resoldered
Hitachi C2886TNProcedure to enter the service modePress & hold the menu key the installation line should now appear, with the install menu displayed press both the volume up and down buttons for about 8 seconds until the service option is available then follow the on screen directions
Hitachi C28W410SNSound crackles and whistles a short time after switch-on. Gets worse as set warms upSolder all links and components that have unpainted copper areas around component legs on upper side of main board near to the audio processing I.C. The same applies to the components near the microprocessor
Hitachi C28W410SN A7 The set reverts to standby intermittentlySet HT control had invisible dry joints
Hitachi C2146TNDead / int, led litCheck the 5v regulator IC952, 8v regulator IC951, standby regulator IC950 and the field output chip TA8427K or for dry joints on the regulators
Hitachi C1714TFrame collapse, causing set to go dead, also can cause the regulator transistor, to go s/c. BUT12AF. H.T. unstableCheck R951 39K goes high, in this case 65K, causing HT to go high
Hitachi C2846TN 311 Frame collapse or dotted lineCheck and replace frame ic TA8427K or check R710 for open circuit, also check for possible dry joints on D601
Hitachi VTM640Low video levelReplace C1530 47uF, 16v
Hitachi C2133TN Nokia Stereo Plus Very strong red content in the picture, sometimes the fault would clear with the strong red content fading until the correct greyscale was achievedAfter much searching around i found the problem. There was a very small crack in the solder at RH23, this is a 2K4 surface mounted resistor located at the back of the tube base. Resoldering both sides of it cured the fault
Hitachi/FujianHFS1425Store function inoperative-Does not hold memories.Pin2 of M58655 memory chip, must be at -30V. If not, check/ replace C920 1uF/250V cap.
Hitachi/FujianHFS1425Store function inoperative-Does not hold memories.Pin2 of M58655 memory chip, must be at -30V. If not, check/ replace C920 1uF/250V cap.