HITACHI Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
HitachiNP84CQTop of the picture blanked outC905 o/c 100mfd 200v (next to tuner)
HitachiNP84CQThe picture would roll. EHT trip thyristor operatiR908 in the regulator circuit had risen in value from 22k .The fault could also occur with Models CPT1444 and CPT1446.
HitachiNP84CQStuck in standby.1.6a fuse on L/H side main PCB.
HitachiNP84CQStuck in standby.R908 22k HIGH
HitachiNP84CQPartial field collapseC603 47µ 150v in field o/p cct
HitachiNP84CQNo sigs - just snowNo 12v to tuner - crack in print by R222 AGC control
HitachiNP84CQNo frame or sound.R714 ( 1R ) o/c.
HitachiNP84CQNo colour - int.C507 ( 2.2u f ) , IC TDA3562A.
HitachiNP84CQNo colPin 11 IC501 low - C511 2µ2 50v brightness pot decoupler
HitachiNP84CQNo colReplace TDA3565 & adj ref osc
HitachiNP84CQInt st/by & chan change no'sNo 12v to remote pcb etc. R714 1R fusible in series with pin 2 loptx
HitachiNP84CQInt goes into st/by & Ch+/Ch- buttons on tv won't operate correctlyReprog micro as per instructions
HitachiNP84CQInt colTDA3565 dry joints
HitachiNP84CQFrame - memory not storing.IC201 ( ZTK33B )