TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
Toshiba55PJ6DB C5SSGoes dead aft a whileDry joints Q852
Toshiba50WH18BSt/by onlyTxt panel is the cause - replacement panel pt no 23786696 £21.70
Toshiba50PJ98B C9SSNo pic - sound okNo CRT htrs due to connector to G CRT not pushed fully home
Toshiba50PJ98BDead - st/by onlyD802 mains bridge rect s/c & R821 o/c - remove C8130 on audio psu to prevent re-occurrence
Toshiba48PJ6DB C5SSBottom of picture blank , clears as set warms up.Q350 2C1815Y leaky. PtNo A6317440
Toshiba48PJ6DB 55PJ6DB C5SSIf Power 2 - Digicon chassis ( lefthand side from rear ) has been removed , it is possible to swap over the 2 four pin plugs P621No damage will be done. ( This is easially done as the shorter lead goes to the far socket )
Toshiba48PJ6DB 55PJ6DB C5SSConvergence errors appear over time , can be adjusted out but re-occur.Resistors R7716 , R7721 , R7711 ( vertical convergence errors ) or Q751 STK392 , R7741 , R7731 , R7736 ( horizontal ) or Q752 STK392. All r
Toshiba48PJ6DB 55PJ6DB C5SSBottom of picture blank , clears as set warms up.Q350 2C1815Y leaky. PtNo A6317440
Toshiba43VJ13P Proj TVInt red convergenceDy joint Q753
Toshiba43PJ93BDead - no st/by ledD7709 6v1 zener s/c on converge panel
Toshiba40WH08B C00PSt/by onlyCheck if R821o/c & bridge D802 s/c use repair kit 40WHREPKIT
Toshiba40WH08Bwhen a dark object appears on bright background, overal picture brightness increases, then settles to normalwrong option codes. Enter design mode and change options BS2, 2BS2, 3BS2, WBS2, NBS2 from 0BH to 07H
Toshiba40WH08Bservice mode/ design modepress MUTE on R/C once, then press and hold again while pressing MENU on front panel. 'S' appears on top right corner. To switch to design mode hold CALL on R/C while pressing MENU on TV, 'S' on screen should turn to 'D'.
Toshiba40PW8DB & 56PW8DBFaint vert lines on lh sideR441 1k damping res across L441 o/c
Toshiba40PW8DBDull pic when viewed from sidesDirt on mirror & lens - clean after dismantling