TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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Toshiba Video Combi Model: VTV1402SDead, or intermittent start up. No voltage supply to line driverCheck R504 270k, feed to switching transistor. Goes high or o/c
Toshiba 28W8DBNo frame drive however sound and line drive is presentE/W correction chip TA1240 at front of line/frame was defective, replacing the IC cured the fault
Toshiba 3798DG C8SS E/W Pincushion distortionReplace D461 damper diode ERC20-06
Toshiba V705B V3 CAT 1/2 Intermittent deadWhen pin 11 of IP001 U4614 jumps between 8v and 10v suspect shorted 2SA1020, as the secondary is shorted, leaving the chopper switching between on/off states
Toshiba AVM 2505 G3V25050 Will not come out of standby, no pictureIf at power on voltage on pin 37 of the micro drops low then reverts to 5v suspect memory chip ICA07 Toshiba 23319016
Toshiba V730UKNo display, red LED flashingReplace C1SS35 1000uF, 10V
Toshiba 2863DB C6SR To remove protection to assist fault findingRemove D471. It's a thyristor and is located next to the chopper transformer secondary side
Toshiba CF2666R TAC9102 Screen is too tall, with vary faint retrace lines showingFound that Capacitor C305 50V, 2.2uF was dry, C342 50V, 1uF was also dry too. Capacitors are near vertical IC 301
Toshiba 2857DBInt. frame collapseDry joints on regulator Q420, not too easy to find as it is not close to power supply or frame stage, it is the supply to the frame generetor IC
Toshiba V880MSDeadCheck C822, Z801, Z802 CPN10
Toshiba 2550TBSet stuck in standby at switch onField output ic TA8427K faulty, also change 220uf cap
Toshiba 210T6BZDistorted sound / bangingVoltage at C832 over 25V! Replace Q809, C866, C869, C864 and resolder dry joints in PSU
Toshiba 145R7BDeadD808 s/c due to high HT caused by faulty switch mode ic STR50020
Toshiba 219T9BIntermittent field collapse after a few hoursReplace field output chip IC303 AN5515
Toshiba 215R8NSevere vertical distortion- `egghead` symptomsReplaced c317 in vertical cct 2.2uf, 50v substituted 4.7uF. Must be 105┬║type!!