TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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Toshiba 2577BWhite horizontal line Frame collapseDry joint on TA8427K, Frame IC
Toshiba 28WD98BStuck in standby, 16 volt line low at approx 8 voltsReplaced C872 220uF, 50v, original had gone low in value
Toshiba 2573Stuck in standby.Replaced ZP82 o/c And tuner internal short
Toshiba V642UKVCR is locked out, no sound, noise picture and front panel buttons do not work. NVRAM has been lostAccess the NVRAM menu. On remote hold A-Dub button for 10secs, VCR display will read TEST, then hold the menu button until the NVRAM menu is displayed on screen. I do not know the codes for this model, if anyone knows them please pass them on!
Toshiba 32ZD09G C00S Procedure to enter the service modePress the mute key on the handset once, then press the mute key for a second time but hold it down while also pressing the menu button on the set
Toshiba 198X6MHorizontal output continues to shortCheck capacitors C403 and C408 both 50v these two caps tend to change capacitance
Toshiba 2505DBStretched frame or frame collapseReplace modification diode 570 on copper side
Toshiba 175T9BLine tearing and incorrect field lock when cold47uF electrolytic AGC decoupling capacitor inside tuner/if unit
Toshiba CF3060KProblems with screen sizeLook out for 2 x 2.2uF electrolytics sometimes red in color
Toshiba 28W23B 11AK37 Picture displaced vertically, picture too high or lowThis problem was cured by entering the service mode menu then 4,7,2,5, then pressing the green fastext button to access geometry settings, selecting VP1 vertical position and adjusting as necessary
Toshiba 28W23B 11AK37 Procedure to enter the service modePress the menu button then 4,7,2,5
TOSHIBAU16U16vertical dobrando em baixoQ430
TOSHIBATV-2997Efeito barrilC464
TOSHIBA2080EFica sem caracteresRA98 de 47K
TOSHIBA2996SDelay on start upCheck C819 capacitor