TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
ToshibaT210T6BSevere field linearity fault .C317 2u2 50v.
ToshibaSD22VBDead aft thunderstormQ501 (STP5NC50FP), R506 (470k, 1/4W), R516 (0R22 1/2w), D510 (22VZener?), D529 (SB290S) fitted a IN4007
ToshibaKY14V30Dead STR6707 power chip s/cZD802 6v8 leaky
ToshibaCT5610Txt lines across picC312 & C313 (4u7 160v & 22uf 35v) caps near the centre of the Pcb next to the 2 FOP transistors.
ToshibaCT5100Patterning & slight hum barC807 120µ 400v
ToshibaC9SS 32WD98Bno teletext, only blank screen when selectedresolder plug/socket PF01A/15 on text board
ToshibaC9SS 32WD98Bloud buzzing from centre speaker when put into stby, will not come out of stbyIC801 STRF6668B (23135008) faulty
ToshibaC9SS 32WD98Bhigh pitched whistle when put into stbyreplace Q801 STRF6668B (23135008)
ToshibaC90Dfield linC372 connected to pin 15 EW chip Q371 - 2µ2 50v
ToshibaC8SS 2987DBpic goes dark after 1hourscreen voltage down due to leaky C902 (24092345)
ToshibaC8SS 2987DBint frame collapse from coldQ430 2SD1944H leaky (23314707)
ToshibaC8SS 2987DBdeadF889 5A o/c, Q640 TA8211AH s/c, D640/D641/D642/D643 1N4148 s/c
ToshibaC8SSint crackle from all spkrs esp from coldpick up on Dolby dig unit U1 replace with improved U2 version
ToshibaC8SSconvergence errorsDigicon module U103 disloged - refit
ToshibaC800Touch tuning going to a channel.Check 10MR resistors to each touch pad , change all neons.