TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
ToshibaC7SS 28W93Bint. line whistle in widescreen modeL441 (23233090)
ToshibaC7SS 28W8DBstuck in stbyQ4370 (B0385853)
ToshibaC7SS 28W8DBheight reducing/varying, may be distorted sound with patterning on picC892 2200uF 35V 105deg on power PCB
ToshibaC7SSWhite diagonal dashes - depends on vi contentTA9090AN digital comb filter chip
ToshibaC7SSThin hor white line over picMove C314 to print side of pcb - see diag in Serv briefs
ToshibaC7SSbackground hiss from rear spkrsimproved Dolby digital module reqd
ToshibaC7Spartial field collapseC323 connected to pin 2 of Q501 leaky - 0ยต68 50v plastic
ToshibaC6SRpulsing pic & low HTQ828 in volts control cct leaky - 2SC1815
ToshibaC5SS 3357DBno colourQV01 TA1218N (B0385650)
ToshibaC5SS 2857DB 3357DBdead, no LED, 12V and 8V supplies Ok but 25V missingprotector Z889 5A (23144451) o/c
ToshibaC5SS 2857DB 2557DBpic shifted to RHS, horiz position adj not functioning9V regulator Q430 not working due to faulty D430 zener MTZJ5.1C (23316670)
ToshibaC5SS 2857DB 2557DBno vol or channel on screen displays, other menu screens OkQ501 TA1222AN
ToshibaC5SS 2857DB 2557DBdead, no output from PSU, fuse OkD896 BYD33J s/c
ToshibaC5SS 2857DBtakes long to come on, slight line flicker when changing channels, otherwise blue screenreplace 27MHz Xtal on TEXT PCB (23153472)
ToshibaC5SS 2857DBno power, red LED on green LED flickeringframe IC TA8427K, R327 (24339479), D302 BYD33J