TOSHIBA Repair Tips

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MakeModelCh:SymptomProblem SolutionSolutionBy:
ToshibaC5SS 2857DBdistorted sound from coldfit 0.1uF cap from base of mute transistor Q612 to ground (Tosh.technical)
ToshibaC5SS 2857DBbad striations on RHS of the screenensure that line/frame leads are correctly installed in their cable tie clips after working on the set
ToshibaC5SS 2557DBno sound from centre speakersQ604 TA8211AH
ToshibaC5SS 2557DBno line or frame sync, OSD OkQ501 TB1226N (B0385673)
ToshibaC5Dead - STRS6709 keeps going s/c pins 1, 2 & 3Also replace D809 MTZJ5 - 6B if s/c
ToshibaC4E-Rbands of patterning at top & bottom of screen at start up onlyline pulses being picked up by QD03 DPC amp- add 0.001ยต cap across RD13 on print side
ToshibaC3SSoffIC670 audio o/p chip s/c - set in overvolt condition
ToshibaC2D 3339DBtripping, red and green LEDs flashing at about 3HzQ828 2SC2230AY leaky (can use 2SC2482 as replacement from Onwa CRT base)
ToshibaC2D 3339DBhiss/crackle from left speakerICG07 TA8776N
ToshibaC2D 3339DBbig "bump" noise when switching to stbynot faulty. Switch off pro-logic before switching to stby (info from Toshiba technical)
ToshibaC2D 2939DBstuck in stbyZP82 2A o/c, IC501 TA8211AH s/c
ToshibaC2D 2939DBno sound or pic (frame collapse)no 12V from IC408 due to Q546 2SC1815Y s/c on AV PCB
ToshibaC2D 2939DBint no pic or sound and goes to blue screenresolder Q103 (IF can)
ToshibaC2D 2939DBint loss of line or frame sync and goes to blue screen, corrupted or no teletextreplace Xtal ZF01 27MHz (231253472) under screening can on TEXT PCB
ToshibaC2D 2939DBfaint blue screen, no remote or manual operation, no LEDsound IC670 TA8218AH (B0377305) s/c, ZP81 5A (23144451) o/c