Wind Energy

The wind energy is a natural energy resource, can be used to advantage with a reduced investment, is especially income-producing in places with much wind. An wind generator caretaker is something possible to make without high costs.

The differences in atmospheric pressure caused by the terrestrial heating provoke displacement of air masses (wind), the displacement of these air masses is influenced by the atmospheric conditions (intensity), obstacles and conditions of the ground.

This set turbine-generator habitually is called windmill.

Wind energy is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and reduces toxic atmospheric and greenhouse gas emissions if used to replace fossil-fuel-derived electricity. The intermittency of wind seldom creates problems when using wind power at low to moderate penetration levels.

wind energy plan

When wind is strong enough, a wind turbine produce AC Power (AC). After rectified (DC) charge batteries (charge controller ) and later converted into AC power. All wind turbines come with its controllers (A, B).

An Inverter change 12V dc in 220V AC or 110V AC

Wind energy is a clean energy, its inclusion in windy areas in domestic environments can quickly bring return of investment ROI.

The power of the wind that passes perpendicularly through a circular area
P = 1/2 rv3 pr2


P= average power of the wind in Watts [W]
r (rho) = dry air density = 1,225 kg/m3 (PTN)
v= average speed of the wind [m/s]
p (pi) = 3.1415926535…
r = rotor radius in m [meters]

The efficiency of the wind in relation to the produced electric energy can be calculated in this simple program.

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